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So, so hungry today. What have I done wrong?


Want to lose a stone!
I dont understand it, all week this diet has been fab but today Ive been so hungry all day to the point where I had a headache. Im starving now and have no food left. Why has this happened but not during the week?

Ive eaten

Yoghurt and banana for breakfast
Alpen light bar mid morning.
Jacket with prawns. I was hungry 10 mins after this.
Another apple
Two boiled eggs
10 cherry toms
Then dinner, chinese stir fry and noodles (so chicken veg and noodles)
Hungry an hour later so yoghurt and banana
4 more apples
And Im sat here genuinely hungry. My stomach is rumbling what on earth is going on? Ive felt hunger most of the day.

Anyone know what Ive done wrong?
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Want to lose a stone!
Hes 4 months and started a growth spurt a week or so ago. This is actually the reason hes slept so much today.

But he was having a growth spurt mond, tues, wed, thurs as well and I didnt have this huge hunger?

With regards to more hex's (i was going to wait and ask my SW leader next week) to add to the above would a glass of milk just do? And maybe cheese?

Do I have to have the b? I just generally wouldnt really have a b in my diet. Not in bread form anyway.
Unless potato is a b, i cant remember my books not with me. Doh.
At that age you should be having another 4 healthy extras from either the A or B choices. Milk and cheese would be fine. Potato is not a B choice unless you are on red plan but there are loads of things you can have on EE.

How many alpen lights did you have earlier? It looks like maybe only one. Two are a HEB choice.

If you don't want bread you could have stewed, dried or canned fruit, there are some canned soups you can have, cereals, porridge, crispbreads and crackerbread etc. Check out the healthy extra sub-forum for some ideas.


Want to lose a stone!
Wow! This has really surprised me, Im glad I asked. Thanks Patch, it was just the one Alpen bar. I hsve more of those I may have to have another now then!

I'll go and check out the sub forum you mentioned, this has helped a lot thanks again.
How long was between your brekkie and lunch? Personally if i dont eat much for breakfast and go a while without eating, when i do eat it takes twice as much to fill me up if that makes sense. Maybe try a bigger breakfast and do have the extra hex for breast feeding!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Also are you drinking enough water (or fluids)?? Could it be thirst and you think you're hungry??
As a midwife, I'll tell you you definitely need more calories while breastfeeding. I'm not surprised you're hungary sometimes with a baby to keep you busy as well. Also, more protein at breakfast would help. I'd be starving on yogurt and fruit! I have to get breakfast at 7am and often get lunch at 4pm when working. Eggs scrambled with cheese, on toast seems to keep me full for ages. Also, soup has been proven to fill you up for longer than the same ingredients eaten individually


Want to lose a stone!
Hi ya.

I had breakfast at 8am and lunch at 12pm so not too bad.

No, it was genuine hunger my tummy was rumbling you coukd hear it. Thirst is a very different feeling indeed.

Thanks for the info Jael, I went for porridge and banana this morning so that should last me better. More Hex's today!

Thanks ALL of you, its really really helped.
i think some days you just find your more hungry than others.. i was a bit like that yesterday to... id had my breakfast and lunch and had fruit inbetween but couldnt wait to eat my tea as i was starving.. normally i have a later tea because i dont feel the need for it when the kids are eating theirs and me and OH will have ours later on but last night i was nearly eating my hand i needed it that much!!!
but today im fine again!!..
i agree with jael in the above comment.. well done for keeping focused even with a new baby !!

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