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So so hungry!


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Why am I so hungry today? I haven't been able to stop thinking about food all day. I took the kids and my mum to the garden centre to look at buying a rabbit and they stopped in for cake and milkshakes, I stuck to my Harrogate Spa. They got an ice cream in the park, I had a CD bar. They are currently tucking into pizza, salad and BBQed veggie kebabs, and I'm sticking to my porridge.

I am so so hungry, I would break my kids arms and prise the pizza from their hands if I wouldn't be arrested........ I cannot get food of my brain. Someone please distract me!
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LOL!!! Hon well done you for staying with your cd stuff though . It is so hard sometimes .. I feel hungry today actually........... I had to quickly throw there dinner in the bin.... to get rid of it........
Right of to give them a bath...........
Stay positive hon your doing fab xx
I know where your coming from!! I really do. WELL DONE for being organised when you went out today.

Im going to have a really early night after a hot hot bath.
I think many people are feeling hungry. could it be the longer days coming into summer and warmer weather? i feel hungry too. My CDC told me to have an extra shake today so I did but now I feel guilty and will go on the treadmill to walk it off.(only 25 min)


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Kids are in bed, Sam is still at work and I'm bored bored bored. Its too warm for a hot bath, I'm not tired enough for bed yet, I've nothing to read and T.V is poop! Ohhh I hate Saturday nights. No doubt Sam will finish work later, be starving and come strolling in with a kebab/McDonalds/fish and chips. If I go quiet at about 9.45, its cause I have a mouthful of chips ;)
Keep with it Lisa, you are doing so well. What fantastic willpower you have had today, so only a few more hours (or a couple of hours probably in my case!) before bed. You can do this. Have some more water or an extra half shake rather than reaching for anything else.

Take care X
Dont do it!! Think of the guilt> it isnt worth it> no no no


Hang in there, only a couple more hours.

You due on? I find I get ragin' hungry when I'm due and just starting, ketosis or not.


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I will be strong. I don't even enjoy takeaway food, my problem before was just laziness. I used to cook for the kids and then couldn't be *rsed cooking again when h2b got home.

Not due on Lexie, in fact just come off. But I have had 3 TOTMs in 4 weeks, so it doesn't mean a right lot for me.

I will be strong. Got my 4th WI on Tuesday and my scales are finally being nice after relentless water retention! Can't wait to get on CDCs scales, then come and update my ticker. I'm not going to let the smell of a sweaty nasty kebab spoil that for me.


Team 1 all the way!
Oh do you know what, I am EXACTLY the same today.
I am just about to have a 4th CD pack, just to keep me going.
It would be fine if I wasn't on 810 and have already had my 3 packs and my meal. What is the matter with me!
It was either having a bowl of cereal or another pack. So choc mint here I come.
Must be the weather or something.
Lisa,if it helps I have had the crapiest of all crap days. What I could have done to scoff DH pizza he was cooking in the oven slow. I just had to sit tight and fight my mind for 2 hours lol.

You don't want to give in now hon. not for that rubbery smelly sock kabab and pound and a half of pure fat fish and chips.

Your doing soo well. xxxx

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