So so in need of help :-(


Hi all I havnt been a regularly user on this but I've come to a point that I really need so advise and support, This year in going to be 40 and standing at 16 stone a
So so miserable so I start new job on Monday new me but what diet do I do so many other have had sucess in all different diets I have done ll before and it worked but I've put more on than I started with now one friend done ww and swears by it another. Friend has just open her own diet class bit like ss , just so confused don't know what to do what I do know is cant carry on like this , please please help !!!
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A lot of us in here don't follow a recognised plan, some do healthy eating, some do calorie counting, some low carb/GI or whatever works for them, and that is the key it has to be something that works for you and fits totally with your home/work life.

Just make a conscious decision to eat sensible meals and cut out the snacking/junk food to begin with. Try 3 meals, 2 snacks a day and see how you go. It's good to forget the "diet" word and tell yourself your new life starts here.

Have a browse around, chat with a few people on their threads and take it one day at a time. You can do this, you just have to believe in yourself.


Thank you , I think ll worked so well because the food was taken away but now sitting where I am I would go back but financially it's not an option so where do I go , try slim fast ? Or these healthy plans I'm so confused xxx


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It is possible to change. It is! I was 21st in my teens, lost a bit when I started actually leaving the house and walking. Started Rosemary Conley at 16st 10lb, lost 4 st. I'm now on Slim and Save to lose the rest of the weight. Only on week 2 but it's really working for me. There are so many diets out there, different eating plans. All depends on willpower!

Think about what you need. Very quick weightloss, being away from food for a while? Try looking at the VLCDs (very low calorie diets) Cambridge, Lighter Life and Lipotrim offer differing levels of support. Exante, All About W8 and Slim and Save have less support- you order online and don't see someone or a group like the others- but the forum is offering all the support I need!

Classes are great if you can get to them. I can't so I looked at different options. Weight Watchers and Slimming World I can't say, never tried, but Rosemary Conley was great. Low fat, low GI diet- keeps you fuller for longer!- plus the meeting isn't just a sit down, it's an exercise class too! With all shapes and sizes, mine had people at size 10 up to size 30!

Can't say much about other diets like Atkins or Dukan, but it's worth going to each forum on here and reading the FAQs or things to read or however they word it. Most have an explanation. When I was deciding on this diet, I went to my library and got all the diet books out to see what would work without shelling out!

Or the other route, do it yourself. You don't need to follow a plan someone else sets for you if you don't want to. There are low carb and low fat forums on here. Portion control was a huge thing to me so I got portion pots from Rosemary Conley and used them right up until I started S+S.

I am so bloody determined this time round. It's all about willpower!


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Good luck to you what ever you choose - here to support you along the way. Just have a look into them all and see what fits easily into your day to day life - and one that you can afford also.

Still a long way for me too - but determind that this is the year I'm going to do it!