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so so so tired and so very down


has started again!!
I dont know what is wrong with me. I am still feeling utterly exhausted and so close to tears all the time. Its not totm, as I have only just finished that one. I am on week 10 of LL and just feel poo. I am so very close to giving up and eating, I just do not know what to do with myself.

I also feel really really bloated around my middle, as if I have had a huge binge, which I havent (yet).

I am so sorry I am becoming such a miserable whinger on here, and I know that this is not what you guys need. I think I will hold back from posting for a while, just read your messages to each other.

I will let you know how I get on. Thanks for listening.
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Please don't do that Sez. Why don't you look at how far you have come. You have done so very well. It may well be totm becasue this weight loss thing plays havoc with your hormones - I have just started managment and have had two periods in 21 days !!! Drinks some water make a nice peppermint tea have a bath and put a face mask on - tomorrow is another day.

Keep posting - we all know it is the support on here that keeps us all going.:)


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Aww Sez, you are NOT a miserable whinger. We all have our off days. :badmood: Please, please don't give up. I am restarting CD (previously did LL a few years back) Whenever I felt bloated and tired when I did LL it was because I needed to er...clear my bowels....:eek: :eek:

This may not be the case for you, it's just a suggestion. You know we all have bad days both physically and mentally whether we are eating or not. Please, please don't eat take it from me, it will just lead to a slippery slope. I was just looking at your ticker, you have lost a hell of a lot of weight. :D :D you should feel proud of yourself. Have you done your measurements. Maybe this would be a good time to see that inch loss, it's always an incentive to keep going. Or why not pamper yourself, do your nails or have a bubble bath, curl up with a good book, or better still come on here and have a good old natter. Just stay out of the fridge and food cupboards :mad: :mad:

I hope your bad mood lifts soon and we see the old Sez back,

Take care, :hug99: :hug99: :hug99:

Lisa xx
Please, please post if it helps you - that's what this forum is for. It's horrible being tired but don't give up, you're doing so well - 51 pounds in 10 weeks is amazing. This diet is hard as it's so extreme and I think we all need extra sleep! I've been having to go to bed an hour (sometimes 2) earlier than usual. Do try to keep ahead with your sleep - can't do any harm! Could you have a relaxing soak in the bath and an early night? I'm sure that would help a bit. We all understand how you feel as we've all been there, so don't feel guilty on top of everything else. You'll get over this bad patch and things will seem different very soon. Take care of yourself and focus on your wonderful achievement so far.
Hi Sez- if its any help I feel a bit like you do and I am in week 10 as well- feel hungry but bloated, tired to the core. But lets look back at our achievements together- see how far we have come! Yes there is mofre to come, but the hardest bit is behind us now. We have to dig deep sometimes- I know you can do this. You will succeed because you have succeeded and you are currently succeeding. Keep on keeping on Sez!
Aww big hugs...dont not post - we all have our bad days (mine yesterday!) & we're all getting each other through this so post away! Could be that you're constipated? I felt pooped yesterday but feel much better today after going to the loo and do wonder whether there is a direct link between poo frequency & feeling sluggish & tired...also was tired so that didnt help & felt much more vulnerable and ready to crack! There do seem to be partocular weeks that are a struggle for people (week 5,6 & 10) so just hang in there & it should pass! As hpp says you've done SOOOOO well...51ibs! Thats incredible so give yourself a huge pat on the back, run a hot bath & get an early night...hopefully you'll feel brighter tomorrow! You are SOO nearly there, dont give up - you know you'll regret it!


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Sez I hope you get through your bad patch, there is nothing worse than feeling crappy when trying to diet and sort your life out.
Please try to be strong any continue......just think how great you will feel if you can stick to the diet even when feeling so rough.....if you can do that you can do anything.

Do come and rant to us if it will help as we want to help you succeed.
Good luck hun xxx


has started again!!
Just had a fantastic pm, and also read all of your messages too. You are all fantastic people, and because of all this support and kindness I am going to re-think.

It is both the toughest and easiest diet I have ever been on, as for all of us, and I guess this journey will have its ups and downs. I will stick with it.

Thanks and much much love,



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Awww that is great.....I knew you would find the strength deep down inside.......well done you.
I agree with you that its the toughest and the easiest diet ....lol.

Be strong ...you can do this ! xx


Queen of the Damned
Sez, I'm glad you decided to stick around. The thing I always want to say to people is it's lovely to read when someone is flying along with the weight falling off themm and everything is rosey but it's when we hit those difficult times that we need the support the most, and conversely that's when people run away and hide.

We're here for you - through the good and the bad - and please remember you are never alone :hug99:

I was scrolling down to the bottom to tell you to get your ass back in here..... and am happy to have seen that I don't have to :)

You're meant to post when you're feeling low as well as high - that's how people know that you need that extra bit of support at that time ---- please don't ever feel like a whinger because you're not.


Hey Sez
Hope you are feeling better. I'm also in week 10 and feeling both elated at the fabulous loss (particularly this week - what a shocker that was!), yet also really tired, bored with my foodpacks, really craving certain types of food... its all so weird! You think how/why is the weight loss not enough to keep me in a permanent state of elation, but it just doesnt work like that eh?
However, stopping/cheating just isn't an option for me and I know 100% that I'm in this for the duration. Also hanging on the fact that the last 2 weeks I've been constantly travelling - UK and overseas and have taken my packs everywhere and faced the biggest challenges so far. Got through them all and even though I still feel a bit bored, deep down I'm amazed and thrilled that I did it. Looking back really helps me, focusing on what I've achieved rather than what lays ahead and getting daunted/scared.
Hope you're feeling much happier tonight :)
Sez I know how you feel I have been feelimg like that this week and even cheated.People on here are fantastic and have made me rethink.

This is the hardest thing I have ever done and it must be the same for all of us.so remember you are not alone we understand how tough it is.I find looking at peoples tickers spurs me on and the fantastic results that they are getting

I know there are only so many baths ,face packs and early nights you can stand but if that is what helps maybe its wortha try.

good luck honey and pm me if you need a one to one
I honestly understand how you feel



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Hiya Sez
so pleased you decided to carry on posting, as has been said the times when you're finding it tough is the time to post more so everyone can help you through it :D

with regards to the bloating that you're feeling have been wondering if it could be the bars or the water flavouring? Have you been using them, I know some people find that they give them wind, not sure about the bloatiness, just an idea tho! :p On the other hand if you're constipated they can help with that too :) bit of a mixed message there but hope you know what I mean!!
Good morning Sez, hope things are looking better today after a good sleep. I'm glad you decided to post again and are going to stick with it - it'll be so worth it. I'm more or less at goal now and it's great feeling "normal" again. I was looking at your ticker and worked out you'll probably be halfway by the end of foundation the rate you're going! And even if you "only" lose a stone a month you'll be 3/4 of the way to goal by Spain. Just think how good that will feel - definitely deferred gratification! So please, please keep going and keep posting when things get tough, as they will from time to time. There'll be people on here who've felt the same and will support you. Have a good day. And remember to look after yourself and rest as much as you can.

Angie H

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I am on week 4 and fell the most miserable I have since starting LL. My legs feel weak, everything is an effort. My concentration is terrible. I feel so low today and have done for the past 3 days, really fed up and unsociable. Not TOTM as that has passed. Just to say really I think every so often I will feel like this and miss food and socialising, I have tried to rationalise it today by thinking it's not forever, hope you can too !!!


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Sez, keep posting and do your best to stay strong,but remember you are only human sweetie, so its ok to feel down.


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Awwwwww...Sez. Am I right in thinking you're on HRT or something similar??

You think it might be a side effect?:confused:

I dunno hun.....chin up sweetie.

You are doing super well.......no binge!! :clap: fab-o-ramma!!!

You think you're a whinger....lol...you haven't been in my house.....I can find something to whinge about every minute of the day!!:D whinging is good....I figure I'll have to run out of stuff one day.

Do you have something to look forward to hun? Little treats? face pack, nail polish....just little things. Small things can really brighten your day!

Hi Sez,

I am in week 8, I go into week 9 tomorrow and I have days sometimes weeks like that too. I have not lapsed yet, but it has crossed my mind at times. Whatever has happened and put it behind you, I am sure you feel better now and are feeling more positive?

For the last two weeks, I have felt really low and depressed. I've have had no energy (I do go to the gym 4 times a week for about an hour and a half at a time, which is really hard as I have no motivation until I walk out) and find I am so tired and achey all the time.

But Monday night I read Amanda Jaynes management thread and it really picked me up and gave me more inspiration. I can't wait to get there myself (plus the recipes sound amazing, raita I can't wait!)

Consequently, I woke up Tuesday feeling much better, I'd had a better nights sleep and was actually looking forward to the end of Foundation and actually finishing what I have started.

Stay positive and when you feel depressed say so, it gives us an excuse to windge too!

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