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So Tempted


Can hug her knees :)
to go and raid my fridge :eatdrink051:
I'm feeling a bit down tonight, and I dont even know why, normally feeling like this would be resolved with icecream from the tub,but im starving tonight too so anything would do right now
posting here because I am determined not to, and If I've written it, I cant do it because people would know (lol that makes sense in my world)
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Dont do it... i nearly did today too... just imagine how you will feel after youve done it..?



Can hug her knees :)
I know 6 times worse and then want to eat even more rubbish lol thanks for replying xx
Its only cos we cant we want to, I want cheese and branston but my hubby has just gone to work and ive made him take it with him, how sad is that.


Can hug her knees :)
ha ha ha ha ha I love it, Brilliant!!!
I have a child lock on my fridge but sadly I can open it lol but im not going to, gonna be strong xx
OO child lock, could do with one that I cant open haha.

This is cheering me up though, knowing im not alone in this stupid food battle, I think once I start seeing results again i will be ok, just wish id never come off it in July.
if i can do it u can im havin the same wobbles
lol at giving your husband the cheese...! i solved the problem by throwing allll the food in my house out.. harsh action but it works as i want to eat but cant :)

yeah, i know the feeling. just had to sort out a chinese takeaway ( from the buffet) for someone. now watching them eat all the delicious food i packed in the takeaway container for them. i am now dreaming of the day i can enjoy a takeaway and thinking of how i'm going to ensure that i keep it as healthy as possible...is that even possible? :)
Sorry to hear that there are a couple of hungry girls out there. I'm watching the trash telly tonight to keep occupied-but I did take out a few nice bits and pieces from my wardrobe to motivate me (can't fit into them so its visualisation at present)
Hang on in there, eating something you shouldn't really won't help - which I have learnt myself in the past.
It will all feel better tommorow x


Can hug her knees :)
Littlelindy I would of done the exact same if i didnt have kids, my friend is planning on starting cd an the new year and he said thats what he's planning to do too lol
ave got a little girl too but i just have things in for her that i dont like, for example fish, cherry yoghurts.. i know i wont eat these things.. its quite good as i dont have rubbish in the house so my little one cant eat it either so she is healthier!

Im a childminder so fridge is packed with yummies, its awful, I have just started looking at things like globs of fat now and what i will feel like if i do eat, onwards and upwards we can do it together, hope you got through last night, I went to bed and survived another cheat free night.
my fridge looks shocking, apart from a few things for my son its mainly just filled up with bottles of water, i dont know what someone would think if they looked in it but it makes it alot easier and less tempting for me than if i was to have loads of goodies in it because i know if i was having a bad day the fridge would be the first thing i raid lol x


Silver Member
i can sympathize with you all here, I have discarded all temptations from my kitchen also.... and only cook my sons meals that I don't like :):)

Its not even hunger that makes me think of food, I found myself in my mind working through the fridge etc memorizing what was in there.... I took action when my head was trying to talk me into the fact that jaffa cakes had been in the fridge for 2 weeks & needed eating before they expired lol that was the turning point & so glad I did!! :):):)


Eat to live don't live to eat!
I still get tempted by stuff I don't normally eat! I think its just food in general lol! I actually stuffed 2 sweets in my husbands mouth when he got home the other day as they had been taunting me lol!

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