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so unfair


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You know how it is.. You prepare to go swimming and think great, time for a bit of body magic! You swim about for a bit, get cold, have a lovely shower, you have a pee and it burns after being in the cold water and get yourself dry and try to squeeze yourself into those damp clothes. then you exit the changing room, and there it is... The evil vending machine... Crying out to you with it's luscious mars bars, yorkies and walkers crisps! Who can resist? We're only human. But I couldn't stop at one... I ended up having three chocolate bars! And the scales said I'd lost weight this morning. AARRGGGHHH!!!! Have I totally blown it or what? Then I also had a Mc Flurry. I am so *@*%ing annoyed with myself!!!!
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Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. Everyone has a blip or 2, don't fret over it hun! We all do it. Just start again :)
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Argh henny!!! Don't fret. At least you did the swim before the chocolate, which is better than if you'd had the choccies and not swum.

(trying to put a positive spin on it for ya chicky)

There's the line! Start again....


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Darn vending machines - they are always put right outside the changing room door aren't they?!

Love your way with words though hun - the bit about the pee being hot made me giggle ...

Look, you are human, its done now, no need to beat yourself up. Maybe next week, you can be prepared, take something with you

(to hit the machine with...)


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maybe next week dont take any extra money with you then you wont be tempted



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I would do exactly the same, but instead I pre pay my sessions in blocks of ten (then get 2 free ones) and only take with me my £1 for the locker and my swimcard so they let me in!

As has been said though, draw a line!!!


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S: 13st3.0lb C: 13st3.0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I had to take my niece with me, been trying to teach her to swim.She's only ten.Thanks for your support guys x great news is - all is not lost just done twenty minutes on the trampoline!
p.s, i love your image metrognome, that's me eating the chocolate lol!

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