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So whats everybody having for Easter Sunday Roast??

We are having friends & their sone round for a nice big Easter Roast Dinner. Got to decide what to do yet, thinking along the easy lines of a nice joint (of something, see what offers the supermarkets have I think!!), lots of nice vegies, yorki puds (am i right 1syn for the small ones??), maybe good old fasioned Aunt Bessies Roast pots (again 2 syns each I think), maybe some pigs in blankets using Morrisons sausages & lean bacon.

ummmmmmmmmmm makes me hungry thinking of it!!

Never made a SW gravy yet so not sure what to do about that, don't want everything dry!!
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Not sure what we are having yet to be honest, my kids have still got football matches on :rolleyes: because of all the bad weather over winter we are playing catch up with all the fixtures.

Yours sounds great though :D


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Supposed to be bbq'ing (laughing as I look out of the window at the driving rain!)
Not planned anything as we are supposed to be at race track watching bike racing so prob grab something out when down there and if not it will be quick nip to supermarket and get something in to cook.


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Got the family coming round to my house:) Flexi syning today, i plan to have 40 syns.

Slow roasted lambs shoulder, home made gravy (still have to syn flour), lots of veggies, SW roasties, yorkshire puds (aunt bessies batters at 3syns each).
Bread and butter pudding (only a small bit).
We are going to friends and as they have just moved in i am taking all the food.
i have a turkey still in the freezer from Christmas so the idea is we are going to BBQ it ,in pieces, served with lots of salads and SW potatoes. For dessert i am making pavlova for the slimmers and my friend is making a more stogy pud for the others.We are in a hot country though. Really looking forward to it.

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Not really a believer in Sunday roast (I have them often enough through the week!), so what ever takes my fancy on the day I suppose!


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does anyone know the weather for sunday? I was considering a bbq too! we're out in the evening, so might do a lunch time roast if i can be bothered! would do chicken, mini joe's sausages wrapped in bacon, SW roast pots, lots and lots of veg, 28g stuffing (1 syn) and some gravy with oxo cube. lovely!


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Nowt!! I'm working a double shift so will be avoiding all temptation, unless we have loads of chocolate given to us in work in which case I'll spend all day trying to steer clear!!! :(
Probably a roast with all the trimmings. Will 99% have a hangover too, as I have friends over on the Saturday night... Saying that, I have a easter egg hunt planned for the kids too on the Sunday! :cry:;):D


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I was considering a turkey crown as my xmas dinner was a disaster! So thought i would that but having seen the price of it may have to reconsider!! i have seen some really good prices on beef and pork joints so may go for that!
I'm having a roast dinner at mum and dads but made the sw way and I will make a white choc and ginger cheesecake from the new mag (made at weekend and hubby was guinea pig lol)


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I will roast a joint as we have MIL and FIL coming for Sunday / Monday.

Sunday lunch will probably be a boned, butterflied and stuffed joint (lamb?) with jersey royals and roasted tomatoes. Have yet to plan pud.

The other meals still need thinking about. :eek: had better get to it - when I plan, I stay on plan :eek:


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Slow-roast Garlic and Rosemary Lamb :D (with SW roasties, veg, gravy (2 syns) and some Aunt Bessie's yorkshires (6). Can't wait!

Oh - and if anyone else fancies roast lamb, Tescos are doing half legs for half price at the moment!


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Probably a full veggie roast with the Quorn Family Roast, SW roasties, loads of veg, yorkies and Bisto gravy!!

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