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So whats the Goss


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Hey guys. Not been on in ages and I have to say I have missed you guys. I have just been looking at all the pics etc that people have posted and I am very impressed. Tracyj "Well Hello, Ding Dong" in my best Leslie Philips voice, you look fab, if you ever become single give me a call. Also fattothin now ding dong for you but you look amazing.

So whats been happening. I am maintaining my weightish but a little bit on but just been away for the weekend and drank lots of dirty beer so I deserve it. I am going to lose it all again this week although I am out on Saturday for a big night out.....I am so popular....sigh!
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Hiya Shornie, great to hear your doing well and managing to maintain reasonalby well. Its tough being so darn popular aint it! LOL!

So is it hard avoiding temptation?


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I am not doing bad, it is hard as I have just seperated from wife and I am cooking for one most of the time(one and half when my little girl is staying) and it is a case can I be bothered cooking fortunately I am not making junk food an option, I either have a salad or have some soup etc. When I am away it is a bit different and last weekend I ate to much.

I have to say pineapple you are looking fab as well. This is not a pick up line by the way and if it was it is rubbish. lol
What another man!!!!!!! fattothin will b pissed off he has been getting all the admiration from all the gorgeus slim women on here.its about time he got a bit of competition.....lol
There was a bloke called Dave on here recently but I think Garry and his harem scared him off .So be warned.....


weighs a lot less
hi shornie im glad you have come to check up on us ,im sorry to hear about the break up but every cloud....,well done on doing so well maintaining beer eh they do a lo carb and cal one xxx


weighs a lot less
mummytoni we cant scare shornie off hes a time served LTer and knows what we are like xx


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Hey there is no scaring our Shornie off! Hey hun how you doing? Where you off out to this weekend then??;):D lol You are just around the corner from me!

You seem happy hun considering You have separated from your wife! You seem very in control of your weight too which is fab and damn right you deserve a beer:)

Good to see you back and thanks for the ding dong lol xxx
Now then Shornie nice to see ya back mate, its getting hard work with this lot, giz hand would ya.
Hope ya well fella never mind about the woman, more than enough on here to go around if you see one you like let me know and as I know you, I wont charge ya.:D


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Sorry to hear about the split Shornie, but am sure your dong it as it feels for the best...

Your doing really well not just say sod it I'll get a takeaway, that would be the easy option wouldnt it. Just remember you'll be needing to keep your lovely new figure so you can turn all those womans heads on your nights out! Dont be too hard that your having beers when your out etc, when your good all week you totally deserve to let your hair down at the weekends. Thats how I hope it'll work for me. I certainly dont intend to live like a saint 24/7 for ever more

Well done for keeping it off tho.x


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p.s thanks for compliment - its hard getting used to them form people, am sure I have a constant beamer!! Lol!!


Wanna be....sexy!
Hey Shornie,
I a 3wk newbie so you havnet heard tell of me but youve done really well,good on ya!


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Shornies back.....Sorry to hear about the break up mate. Hugs to youx

hi Shornie just thought id introduce my self as we havnt met ive only been here 6 weeks so hello :)
Could do with some more i reckon! Not that im saying you're both not hot guys xxx
:rolleyes:Shy:rotflmao:A bit like me ya mean:Dxx
Shy fiona??! xxx

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