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soft diet suggestions

I had a bike accident last friday and have a bad cut on my chin, had to have a fractured tooth removed (which has now developed a socket infection) and the dentist today said I have traum to my jaw and possibly TMJ.

I have been barely eating but not sticking to SW and have to have a 'soft diet' until the pain goes away. I really want to get back OP as I have already gained weight from the pain killers so would like some soft but tasty food ideas.


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Soups - hundreds of possibilities
Fromage frais and yoghurt
mashed potato
mushy peas
chick pea dahl
Fromage frais and yoghurt
SW ice cream
Pureed fruit (synned but you can get a lot for your syns!)
...And poor you, I hope you are not in too much pain with all the injuries - was it a pushbike or motorbike?
Look after yourself :)

Mrs V

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Ooo ouch, that did make me cringe! I hope you get better soon!

Chilli (I blend my mince to make it easier to swallow, so no lumps..you could also make it without kidney beans)
Soups of all description
mushy pea curry

Im sure if you have a look around the recipe forum, there will be some ideas there for you also.

Ouch! Poor you!

Soups as has already been mentioned is good as you can chuck in all kinds of superfree veg and even add some boiled rice to bulk it out a bit.

There are loads of recipes for soup, my favourites being sweet potato, red pepper and carrot and the old favourite - leek and potato!

Bananas are obviously good. Maybe you could make a smoothie? I know it gets frowned upon and synned, but surely if you could eat a banana, a handful of strawberries and a pot of yogurt in one sitting then why not blend together in to a drink? Add ice to cool your poorly jaw.

For low syns you could stew an apple and mix with yogurt.

Weetabix and porridge would probably be good B choices as they don't take much chewing.


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Surely if it's a meal replacement then a smoothie wouldn't be a bad thing? If you have it as well as other things in one sitting then it would be synned...
Thank you for all your suggestions. The antibiotics have helpeed with the pain.

I have planned and cooked lots of soft food so no excuse to go off plan.

Also faced the scales (and gain at class) but bought a 6 weeks countdown to get me back to target and keep me going to meetings.

My soft diet includes

cottage cheese
carrot and corainder soup
sweet potato and leek soup
veggie chill
cowboy pie (veggie)
quark puds
sugar free jelly
Mmm, sweet potato and leek soup, sounds amazing, I've only ever done it with regular potato :)

Glad to hear the painkillers are kicking in now and hope you have a speedy recovery :)
This may sound like a very daft idea but.... I had an op last year that meant I couldn't eat solids for a few weeks. We were on holiday afterwards and travelling a lot and I actually ate some baby food. They do some nice ones and they're nutritionally balanced and usually don't have added sugar and nasties so they're pretty diet-friendly. Wouldn't want to live off them but one in your handbag or car (they don't usually need refrigeration) can be very handy in case you get stuck out and about and can't find anything.

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