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Sole source without ketosis?


I've lost over a stone in a month, with another to go. I'm on sole source for a little longer but have nibbled a few times on things which I know will stop ketosis.

I know this is daft but my calorie intake is still v low and water high.

I presume I will still lose like this, but perhaps not as quickly as when in ketosis??
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That's about the long and short of it, yes. You will lose weight, just maybe not as fast as you would on SS alone.

But have you ever considered that your nibbling leads to more nibbling? That if you could cut out the nibbles, you wouldn't feel the need to nibble later?

What you're really depriving yourself of by not being in ketosis is hunger reduction. Every time you eat something carby, your pancreas produces insulin to reduce the amount of sugar in your blood. Often, too much insulin is produced, which means that over the next few hours, your blood sugar dips too low and you feel hungry - and guess what? - you'll want to nibble again.

The joy of being in ketosis is that it keeps your blood sugars on an even keel so that you're less likely to feel hungry.
Lily - that was a fab explanation giving me a more of an insight into ketosis. Definitely explains why I don't have hunger pangs any more!
And even more of a reason why not to cheat!
Thank you!!
Wise words

Ah yes I remember that odd not hungry despite not eating feeling!

Wise words - ketosis here I come.

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