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Extra Easy Days Some info please?

Sorry to be a pain but even after reading Squiddie's post,and lots of other queries I am still unsure about EE.
For example could I have roast beef and potato and vegetables for lunch and then for evening meal- pasta or rice and sauce?
What other combinations are allowed?
anything that is free on red or green, you can eat on an EE day,in any conbination. It something isnt free you take the LOWEST syn value, eg, if something is 6 syns on red or 2 syns on green,then you would count it as 2 syns,schimples !!!

For example last saturday we had a takeaway-rogan josh is 6.5 syns on red,and boiled rice is freee on green so i had the 2 together for 6.5 syns-does that make sense?
Hi Sue,

I haven't read Squiddie's post so apologies if this repeats it.

There are no 'combination' restrictions with EE. First, just consider that you have three food groups: free foods, healthy extras and syns.

Free foods: Anything that is free on red OR green - ie. all lean meat, all carbs, all veg, all fruit, most grains, etc etc.

Healthy extras: only have one A and one B choice (but you can pick from the green and red healthy extra lists for a bigger selection!)

Syns: have between 5 and 15. If something has different syns for red and green, pick the lower value.

Eat whatever you like in whatever combination you like. As long as you only have 1 A and 1 B, and less than 15 syns, you should be fine! There is a recommendation to fill one third of each meal plate with superfree food, but I've never bothered and it hasn't affected my losses.

If you're still confused, have you had a look at the weekly EE menu planners in the magazines and on the website for ideas?

Hope that helps!
As its already been said above - just wanted to add that just because it seems too 'Easy' to work doesn't mean that it cant - think of how you felt when you first started SW - like you had eaten and eaten and eaten yet it still works! Its the same feeling as that but if you stick to it it *does* work!!

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