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Some questions.


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Hi hun, Lipotrim is total food replacement and we have 3 shakes or soup a day as well as lots and lots of water! It is extremely effective and you lose weight very quickly. im not sure if you would be allowed to be honest as you are so young...still growing etc! i think you prob have to be 18 but dont quote me on that because i really dont know. you would have to ask the chemist. Maybe your GP would prescribe it for you if he considered in safe and necessary. Good luck honey xxx
Thank you, is it safe? Also if I used the LT, and then went back to the healthy eating diet of under 1000 calories a day with exercise.. Would I put weight on? Or will I be having 3 drinks a day for the rest of my life?


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I dont think pharmicists would prescribe LT if it was unsafe but as with all diets there are precautions etc and you have to have a health check before you sign up! You should read up as much as you can hun before even thinking of starting, check out the LT website and also read up on ketosis which is what we are in when doing LT.

I have finished LT now hun afterlosing almost 4 stone, i followed a special refeed programme which brings foods slowly back in to your diet, i have been healthy eating now for 5 weeks without gaining any weight and eating more than 1000 cals just not too much fat xxx
Thank you, I'll see how my healthy eating and lots of exercise diet goes, Im enjoying it so far without any problems :) I'll have to see when I get weighed if Im happy or not lol XD

Well done btw, you look great :)


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Lol good luck hun, let us know how you get on:) xxx

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