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Somebody please help!! Confused.com :-(

So I'm nearing the end of day one (just eaten dinner) and I'm feeling like I have eaten way too much food... My menu for the day is as follows, I hope someone can take a close look at it for me and let me know if it's okay...

Breakfast= 1 egg fried in olive oil on top of a beef burger

Lunch= whole can of tuna with 1 cup of cucumber and lettuce mixed with 4 tablespoons of mayo :-0

Snack= fresh whole chicken breast deep fried in oil with 1 tablespoon of mayo

Dinner= fresh whole chicken breast again deep fried in oil with 1 cup of mushrooms and yellow peppers fried, plus another tablespoon of mayo.

I haven't felt stuffed but satisfied, sometimes could still eat more. I read on the Internet other people's experiences of actually GAINING weight on the induction... I really want to lose this weight without starving myself which I have done stupidly in the past... Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank u xx
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Clean green leafy machine
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Hi Sienna

That menu sounds great - although make sure you count in the carbs in the mayo. And you got it right to eat just until you're satisfied, that's perfect.

IMHO those people who say they gained during induction either weren't following it properly by trying to skimp on the fats (and having the fat is crucial), or they were coming off a very low calorie diet and would have put weight on no matter what they were eating - or there were sneaky carbs creeping in.

It's really important to get about 15g of your daily carb allowance from veg, and preferably green leafy vegetables - cabbage, spinach, bok choy, and so on. Cauli is also a big favourite, especially because it makes a great mash, or rice :D

Hope that helps.
Thank u very much for your helpful reply, you just stopped me curling in a ball on the sofa with a tin of biccys and giving up!! I have just added up all my carbs today and apparently I have only consumed 13.5 grams roughly, have eaten two cups of veg today already. Do you know if eating under the 20 grams will effect the weight loss at all? I hope not as really don't know if I can eat any veg at this time x


Clean green leafy machine
S: 24st11lb C: 19st9.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 48.8 Loss: 5st1.5lb(20.61%)
Oh don't give up, you're doing really well!

It's Ok not to eat bang on 20g every single day but why not try a yummy low carb dessert, like 30g soft full fat cream cheese mixed up with sweetener and low carb cocoa powder - always yummy after dinner :)
Not given up :) very difficult considering my partner sat next to me scoffing lol!

That dessert sounds gorgeous right now, will definitely be trying that one out, thanks :)



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You don't have to have exactly 20g a day. I'm not a huge fan of veg and quite often will have next to zero carbs, probably not the healthiest thing to do since veggies have so many nutrients in them, but actually the less carbs i eat the more weight i tend to lose.

When your partner is sat next to you scoffing, don't feel like you are depriving yourself, grab a great Atkins snack! Pork scratchings, pepperamis, cheese, cold meats, make a flaxseed "cake, mix up soft cheese with sweetener & a couple of drops of flavouring to make a yummy dessert.... lots of options.

I'd be very surprised if you didn't lose something after the first week on Atkins even if you ate til bursting every day.
Thanks losingit! Love how motivated certain people on here get me :) even just completed day 1 of the 30 day shred, feel great! Just one more question, when u say I can snack on cheese how much cheese exactly because I love it! I know it says 4 oz in the book but I have no scales to weigh this until tomorrow...

Thanks x


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S: 19st2lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 4st12lb(25.37%)
Well, 4oz is 113g, which is around 5 good size snack chunks. As an idea, those mini babybel cheeses are 20g each, so the equivalent of 5 (and a half) of them. It's actually quite a lot. Having said that, i do manage to scoff my way through double that on some days as i'm addicted to cheese! Just make sure you count the carbs.

I like making cheese 'crisps', just cut some cheese (cheddar is good) into small squares, put them on a plate and zap in the microwave for 90 seconds. Then take them out the microwave and leave to stand for 2 minutes. They *should* crisp up into 'crisps', although sometimes it just ends up a mushy mess instead, but either way it's yummy, i found the trick is to get them cooled as quickly as possible when they come out the microwave, maybe transfer them to a new plate.

Well done on doing the shred! Keep up the good work ;).
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As a rough guide, 1oz of cheddar is about matchbox size - if you've seen those pick and mix cheeses in the supermarket, they're usually 1oz.
Wow!! That's a bloody lot of cheese lol!!! Off to snack on some more now as only eaten a matchbox size piece today. This diet gets better by the day :))

Losingit, them crisps sound yum! Going to do some now and see how mine turn out...

Cheers guys x
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It is hard to take in sometime how we can eat all this lovely food and loose weight...i love Atkins x

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