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Someone come kick me up the backside please....

Im not hungry at all, but im finding myself wandering into the kitchen to look for things to eat!! whats that all about. I think its a frustration thing, were having a cleaning day and the kids are stressing me out by not helping and making things worse lol.

My fridge is full of fruit too but im finding myself heading to teh kids cupboard and lookign at biscuits and crisps and sweets! They have their weekly treats hid in teh cupboard....but i obviously know where they are.

im managed to walk back out the kitchen 3 times now....but im still heading back.....someone slap me!!
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and that spelling is terrible....my fingers type faster then my brain works today lol sorry!


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Go and get yourself some cold water/nas cordial and have 5 minutes - then ask yourself if you are hungry???
I put cordial in the freezer and it is lovely..it also stops me from binging......I am drinking some right now
Julie xx
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Don't do it! You'll feel worse.

You say it's a frustration thing, and you're probably right! So go and distract yourself. Tell yourself you cant go back to the kitchen until you've cleaned the bathroom. Then see if you can hold out as you clean another room. Turn some kickin' tunes up on the radio (or Radio 4, if you're like me!) and think about something else.

You don't need that stuff!

SL x


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I've got a stash of diet cream soda cans, I am keeping 2 in the fridge at all times. If I fancy a snack I get one of those out first, once I start on one its goooooorgeous, its almost like eating ice cream its so vanilla-y yum yum yummmmm. And by the time you drink it it does fill you up quite a bit :)
thanks guys, i managed to resist untill now lol But ive done well, the kids wanted a fruit salad so i munched on that as i was chopping it up.....im still not hungry but at least i was picking on fruit i guess.

I keep a brita filter jug in the fridge full of cold water, in the hope it made me drink more....but in all honesty i still forget to drink. Ive not had one since breakfast at 9am!

I love the idea of a can of pop in the fridge too....altho ive not tried cream soda before, but it sounds lovely so def gonna buy some of them!

I just get so mad with myself as i know im not hungry but just cant stop. I guess its a habit thing too as its something ive always done when stressed....its the main thing that got me the size i am!

mrs big b

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Yes definitely drink more not drink since 9am is really not good for you
i really am a nightmare for not drinking, i just forget. Im going to have to try and make more of a concious effort. Ive been suffering from headaches a lot lately too, especially at night, im thinking its prob cause im not drinking enough!


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Set your phone to bleep you every hour and have a glass or half a glass of water. That's what I do now.

As for eating....I've been the same but not resisted at all the last two days :( Just gorged on two big bowls of cereal!
ooooh i could just eat a big bowl of sugar puffs lol.....good idea about the phone! Im liking that, thanks!

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