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someone please give me a huge kick up the backside !!

Hi Karma. Sorry you have struggled. I want you to get back in the zone - and get that gold ring you so deserve.

I had some horrible news tonight, and it just drives home how fragile and short our lives are, and that we get one - only ONE chance at it. It is up to US to make the most of it.

Do this for yourself. You are worth it, and if you do it now, you will live the rest of your life happy.

Throw all the excuses out the window. This is your life - GRAB what you want with both hands and don;t let anything or anyone stop you.

You CAN do this. Belive it. ANd go for it - and live happily ever after.

I can't be much more encouraging now, as feeling a bit blue. I jst want this for you. YOu were doing so well, and you had a reallly hard knock. Now its time to look after YOU, and make yourself happy.

Do it. You can. You will never ever regret it.

hi there
the best birthday pressie you could give yourself is your health - start LL now.
i'm doing glastonbury festival - going without pear cider and manic organic food is going to be the worst trial yet , as i look forward to it soooooooo much each year


it is worth it.
next year it will still be there
- and you will have another birtday next year - and the year after

and why not have 2 birthdays this year - one in 6 months when you are eating again?

daisy x
Welcome back Karma

We've missed you. Have you been lurking, or just lurked off?!
Good for you for coming back.
All the kicks up the backside won't make any difference until your head is ready.
If you want to feel and look better and improve your life all round - then do it. You can and still enjoy the festivals. Daisy is right - look how well she's done.
Good luck xxx:)


I Can Do This!
Daisy that is a cool idea! Two birthdays - or two anniversaries etc.

The food at the festival will be there next year..... but if you don't lose the weight, you might not be.

A few months or a year on abstinence is but a short time. Food based celebrations can wait - and think how nice it will be to have that celebration wearing a fantastic outfit and feeling amazing!
thin_inside said:
The food at the festival will be there next year..... but if you don't lose the weight, you might not be.
Damn, that phrase reallt hit it home for me, very poinent and true at the same time. I'll remember that each time I'm feeling weak for something LL doesn't allow :)

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