something happened overnight


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hi guys
dont know what has happened but i feel different.more positive that this time its going to work. I AM going to lose most of my fat by the time my sons wedding in aug.i know when i started 3 weeks ago i might have sounded excited but today my body feels oh how can i put this "thinning"sending all my vibes to all you wonderful people out there.stick with us you all.:heartpump:
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I will be skinny again!!!
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Thats fantastic to hear mrs!!!

You can do it and im glad you know it now!!!


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Fantastic feeling isn't it!! That's why I love this diet.



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I feel just like that! My mum came round earlier (she is also quite big) and she was telling my 5 year old daughter to tell me I was fine as I am and to stop doing this silly diet. I am strong enough and in the zone enough to know that she was saying that for selfish reasons. I am in control this time and I will stop when I want to not because others have influenced me xxxx

Go us!!!! xxxx


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It's a lovely is something I found on LT too. You know that on other diets, getting thinner seems almost try, but the loss is so gradual that in your mind you just dont think you will ever get there! This used to be my state of mind.

Not so with LT! I know when I buy something in one size that in a few weeks time it will be too big. I just know it and it is always the case....yes, with LT you just know your goal is achievable, so long as you stick with it! It cant fail to be honest.

Just bottle that lovely feeling and dont lose sight of it; even when you feel down, just remember YOU CAN GET THERE, AND YOU ARE!!

Do hope your mum comes round and sees how happy you are now!

Have a great week. Loving all your posts!!!!