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Something strange happened to me!!


a bit different everyday
I went into our local co op yesterday to get a few things [nappies wipes bread washing powder stuff like that]
anyway it all came to £18 so I went to pay with my debit card , all fine but when it came to enter pin the screen on the machine froze so the manager said we can either void the transcation or you can pay cash as the terminal has broken down, so I said 'no problem I will pop outside and take out the cash' out I go with all the unpaid for shopping haging on the pushcahir, to find the cash point empty
I went back in and said 'your cash point is empty' the manager said 'oh yes i forgot'
THEN this random man in the queue pulls out his wallet and proceeds to pay for all my shopiing with his own money' I was like no no no no' but he would NOT liten to me
everyone in the shop was laughing at me trying to stop him paying, but I was trying to tell him that I had lots of money but it was all on the card and the shop had a problem not me.... he said'it dosent matter I will help you '
I was totally shocked and was trying to get his address to pay him back but he refused and told me to have a nice day and went
wow its not often you find kind people like that esp in london
but i did feel a fraud as i really DID have the money in the bank
then to top it all off the manager gave me a free magazine to say sorry for the inconvenience
what a morning!!
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oh bless that really kind of that bloke --

i would of been the same saying no - maybe he was just trying to a nice person!

you get many anymore lol!

well you sure did have a lucky day !


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OMG how nice was that bet you felt kind of embarrased though !!!
Ah - I love hearing stories like this!! He was just 'paying it forward' in a random act of kindness - there's a thread about it on here somewhere. I love people who do nice stuff!!



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Thats great. Pay it forward. I paid for someones petrol onces because someone had done the same for me. Great to hear about angels out there.


Wow how amazing and heartwarming, there are some very good people out there (apart from all the fabs ones on Minimins of course) :D


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How lovely. It just shows that there are some wonderful people about. I love the idea of people being "good samaritans" and I'm sure his act of kindness will be repaid back to him in many ways in the future.


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Oh how nice....was he young and dishy...?
You should have followed him home...lol.

Things like this restore your faith in human nature.....!


a bit different everyday
not really young and dishy more like old and greek haha
with sandals and socks:)

I have today donated £20 to the kids school sponsored kick thing so feel a bit better !!
and yes i was embarrased!!:eek:


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would he have done the smae if you were ,the size you used to be ,do you think. sorry am old cynic .
i was skating at xmas and saw a gorgeous young helper pick a couple of fallen girls up. when i fell over ,he never even pretend to come and help me ,was mortified. true he would have needed a crane but thats not the point
What a lovely story......:D

Here's one of mine...

I was out got very drunk ended up losing my purse(with about £40 cash in and all my cards, bank, payment, driving license etc etc) and my very expeensive glasses:eek: £250 worth.

The guy I had just finished with...literally.... gave me £20 to get home so off I went....the next morning I informed the police and got a crime number....I was gutted at having to replace license etc.

2 Days later a package arrived inside was my purse with everything in it bar the cash(ok so I didn't expect to get the cash back lol) with it was a note it read....I'm literally reading it now(I keep it in my purse)

Dear Zoe Please find enclosed purse I picked up on Leeds Road Shipley on Sat am. Hope nothing is missing. cash, keys or whatever. If I'd have been 20 years younger I might well have returned it personally on the strength of which I might have been worth a night out. I can dream!
A Wellwisher.

I swear it made my month:D I then put a note in the shop window near to where he must have found it thanking A Wellwisher and asking if he ever saw me in my local could he please let me know who he was so I could buy him a drink.

Its very heart warming when you see genuine, decent and honest....not to mention generous people still about;)


naughty night nurse
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that is lovely. i found a stuffed wallet in a disabled toilet in euro disney and handed it in to the restaurant staff . two days later saw man from photo id near some rides,asked him if he got wallet back and he said he did but the person who found it had taken all money out,i hadnt. was furious and told him so . dont know if he ever got money back,my old man said,you might as well have taken money for all the good it did him


a bit different everyday
if you find a wallet NEVER hand it in to customer service as that will more likely happen, its always best to hand it to police[obviously you couldnt in france though !!]
Hi just thought i'd add my 2p's worth and let you all know there is a lovely film called 'Pay it Forward'. A real heart warming story - definite food for thought. (always come back to food SORRY).
Hi just thought i'd add my 2p's worth and let you all know there is a lovely film called 'Pay it Forward'. A real heart warming story - definite food for thought. (always come back to food SORRY).

Loved that film cried my eyes out to it:eek:

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