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Something to aim for!

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Ok, so the reason I lost 4 stone last year was because my oldest friend ever asked me to go and see Take That with her in June and as this friend has never weighed more than 9 and a half stone in her life I just knew that I couldn't go the size I was and really enjoy myself.

I managed almost 3 and a half stone just before the concert and felt really happy at what I had achieved but have been bobbing up and down ever since hitting my 4 stone and putting some of it back on at Christmas.

My ultimate target is 5 stone and I am just not as motivated as I was so imagine how chuffed I was to hear yesterday that the same friend is coming to visit me in Cornwall in June so at last I have something to aim for. I would love to see her face when she sees me if I have succeeded.

I know we all want to lose weight but who agrees that it's much easier when there is a specific reason or event ?
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Yep its easier when you have something to aim at. last time i lost 2 and half stone in a year cos i kept losing motivation and drifted off for months at a time. This time I am determined to get off my pills cos they give me depressive moods at random moments, and only way i can get off them is if i get within BMI, so need to get too 11 stone. In 8 weeks, I have only drifted for a week and that was last week (ill, brithday, stress couldn't do it anymore). Last time I would have given in completely after drifting, not this time.

Also I used to go gigs when i was 246 pounds, stood in a mosh pit I'd feel sick and have to move. Now I can stand there all day and feel fine and its much more enjoyable so thats also pushing me to lose more, i love my gigs and knowing i can stand in the crowd and not be the "fat idiot" stood in the crowd unable to jump and dance.... surprising what losing weight can do for you.


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I agree, but I also don't haha! My goal to lose weight last time was because I was starting college and didn't want to be the fat girl, like how it was in high school. It didn't make any difference to my mindset, I still cheated and ended up quitting, and ended up at college the same weight (probably heavier) that I was when I started SW! I'm going to uni in Sept this year, my goal isn't really for then, but I would like to have made a big dent in the weight loss by then of course! I think smaller goals work better for me. Like, I have an event in April where I'm going to see lots of old friends who I haven't seen for ages, and I would like to have lost another stone by then, which is pretty achievable and is keeping me going! If I wanted to be at target for something like that I'd probably end up quitting :( setting a date to it is pretty scary. I have xmas as my target in my stats but only so I have something in there tbh!

So yeah, goals do help, but the smaller the better :) if I said "this time next year I want to be target" I'd be eating my own weight in chocolate before I knew it :(
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In the past I have been the opposite to this, if I had a target to aim for I would feel too pressured and fall off the wagon. I have just restarted and have decided not to put any pressure on myself this time, yes I have small goals to aim for but if I don't achieve them it's not the end of the world.

Good luck xx


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There is a theory that if the goal is for SOMEONE ELSE (losing it because others will think you are fat, or because people think you can't do it) you will quit. The goal you focus on has to be for YOURSELF, if you lose weight for yourself rather than someone else you tend to stick to it, because you will only be failing yourself if you give in then. Its a theory I agree with anyway. I tried losing it because of bullies and failed. Now I am doing it for no one but myself its so much easier to stick too
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I agree - it's something to set your sights on. I like to imagine myself slim for certain occasions, and the thought of it becoming a reality really spurs me on.

At the moment my "aims" are to have lose 3 stone (or as close to that as possible) by my 21st birthday at the beginning of July.

I've also just booked up to go to Marmaris for a week in September, so I aim to lose as much weight as I can before then too :)
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I quite agree with you. I have friends that come to class once or twice because their hubbies of families make comments etc and then they give up after a few weeks. No point in joining unless it's for YOU.
I did it for Take That as I just knew that being really heavy would mean I wouldn't enjoy myself as much but with my friend coming to visit I just think it will be ace for me to see her reaction lol. x
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I can't agree with you more. My motivtion is that my son os getting married in 2014. Seems a long way a way but I have 6 stone to lose so I have started now - 1 stone gone so 5 still to go. My nephew got married last year and my sister lost weight but not as much as she would have liked so I am starting early.
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Re Something to aim for

Hi there

I also agree that having something to aim for is the key, as is doing it for yourself and not other people.

Around three years ago i went on a stupid crash diet and went down to 9st 3 lb I liked my shape but i felt really miserable all the time and made myself quite ill, and i have yo-yo'd ever since. This morning I'm back up to 13st and half a pounds and determined to do something about it once and for all.

Today I have decided to change my diet and join this forum as I want to follow slimming world healthy eating to get back down to the size i was then, It's all the nice clothes that i have from when i was slimmer and the thought of doing it properly this time that i'm aiming for.

Sorry I'm new to forums, this being my very first post hope its ok.

Good luck to us all, Sarah


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Hello, i started the slimming world plan 3 weeks ago after watching my mum lose lots of weight and then become a sw consultant! Im aiming to lose 4 st by next march cos im getting married!! Im not losing the weight because of what i think people will say but because i want to be able to look back at my wedding pictures with pride :)
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I agee with evilpenguin. It can help our motivation to have an occasion to aim for but I've also seen too many people go off the rails and end up back where they started after the event.

I think it's important not to be too single minded but also think beyond that occasion, imagine yourself staying slim and eating healthily for life.


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I'm going on a cruise to Norway in May would love to be at goal by then, but that would require an average weight loss of 4.2lbs per week, so I don't expect to achieve it... but I do know I should be about 20lbs lighter by then so that's good, and then it shouldn't take too long to whip the rest off afterwards :)


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My overall goal I set for myself is to be at target (and maintain that!) by my 30th in June next year - I need to lose about 50lbs which is very do-able!

I do think mini-goals are important, mine is to have lost 2.5st by the time I go on holidays with my family in July. I haven't seen then for a year (I live on the other side of the world to them) so imagining the looks on their faces has been a great motivator - stops me saying 'Ah feck it!' reaching for the chocolate/beer/ wine/bread/cheese and gets me exercising!

When I get to 11st I am treating myself to a lovely new bikini for the holiday.

When I get under 10st and stay there, I'm getting the Vespa I always wanted!
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thats brilliant, im glad you have a good reason to get back on track. Best of luck xx

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