Soon to Be Slim


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Hi everyone.
This is my 1st day back on Lipotrim so thought id Join this forum to share my experience.

I first tried lipotrim last year,but had to give up with it after just a month due to health reasons (nothing to do with lipo)
Im pleased to say,i lost a little over a stone last year and have managed to keep that weight off .:)

My starting weight today is 13.12lbs, being only 5'2,im quite so ideally,i want to shed at least 3 stone .
Having been on the diet before,i know what to expect, i know its hard especially around days 3&4. But when i see my body start to take shape ,i know it will all be worth it .
I would also like to suggest you try Green Tea, it keeps you warm, and is very good at helping with weight loss,(google it and have a read)
Good luck to everyone ! :)
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Hi Suzanne,
I too am in the 13 stone region and i'm 5"5 so need to lose about 4stone

i'm n my 4th day today and very tempted to have some of my mums sunday roast but keep trying to divert my attention to the future and how good it will feel to be able to eat out and feel good also have an image of me in a bikini on a beach somewhere;-)

This forum is really helping me so far to keep motivated so i would suggest if you feel down and tempted log on and DON'T give in
You've done it before so you know you can do it again

Best of luck


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Hi Suzanne, Well done on deciding to log on here, it's the bestest thing I have ever done and I second the idea about coming on here to get away from the nibbles attacking!!
I am 5' and 14st 6lb so have a way to go as yet.
Did try green tea but not for me! Yuk!!
I know it has a lot of good benefits but couldn't take to it.

Anyway, all the very best to you with your continued endeavour.....:)


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S: 16st0lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi and thanks girls .
Well day 1 is almost over and i have to say ,its been a breeze so far and not at all hungry :D
I am finding drinking the water hard though,as i have never been a fan of it but i will learn to like it .lol.
I know the green tea is does have an acquired taste ,try adding sweetners Emma.
Once again ,thanks for the support x