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SOOOOOO mad :'( Making me want to eat!

This is off topic but its made me so upset i want to shovel the half eatten cheese on toast from kids breckie!!

My sister in laws have told me there not bothering buying for our kids this year!! I MEAN WHAT THE HELL!?! we see them 2ce a month, WE go up there [80 miles away]. They never ever have brought them anything "just because".

Well my two babies are 2 n one. and we was buying or here children [4 in total]

im really upset the fact they are not bothering..im sooo mad!!

there first excuse was "they didnt no what to get them" they never even asked! :sigh:
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Thats terrible! I hope you've told them what you think about it!

My OH's sisters both have kids, we dont have any, but we ALWAYS buy for them even though we never get anything in return (not even a card) but its kids! They've got to have something even if its only something small.
thats what i said to OH! they dont know what theyev done wrong! they could get them something for a tenner! it would be £20, im sure it wouldnt break there bank account! thing is i KNOW they will buy for each others kids! im so pissed off its untrue.
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That's disgraceful! It's the thought behind it that is the issue and they seem to be sending a really loud message about their thoughtlessness to you. It sounds like the pattern has always been your family giving (time, effort etc) and them receiving. Is your OH going to say something to them about how hurt you guys feel? I do think this needs to be talked about otherwise it will just fester.
i have texted her asking her why isnt she buying our kids this year? there only children and you shouldnt take it out on them! so could you at least give me your excuse?.

Makes me more upset that OHs family just couldnt give a poo and my mum didnt even get a chance! my dad who is competely disabled makes more of an effort with them!

in my heart i know why there doing it. OH owes his sister 60 quid from 2 years ago.
everytime weve been up his mum goes on about paying her off.. with what toilet roll?

OHs mum has never offered to have the kids, shes had taylor once n shes nearly 3! they just not bothered.

OH wont say anything, but hes seeing the light more and more!
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Maybe time to start putting some balance back in your life regarding how much effort you expend on them? If money is tight then maybe one trip a month to save petrol money etc? If your OH does owe them money and is avoiding discussing it with them I can understand why they would be pissed off about that (and for me it would be less about the money but the fact that he is not acknowledging it with them) so maybe you can say "we are not coming up and the money we save from petrol we will send to you towards that money we owe you".
He's tried speaking to them but they don't listen. X


Slowly but surely x
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hugs x
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