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rainbow brite

Funny you should say that, I haven't used my lip balms in a good few weeks (usually I use them all the time) but the last few days my lips have been very dry and a little sore. A bit of balm sorts it out sharpish though and I very much doubt it's anything to worry about.
Yup I have the same problem at the moment.
Just keep applying Vaseline :)
i get dry lips when i'm dehydrated, and apply vaseline

has anyone had trouble with dry eyes?
Yeah I get dry mouth and lips all the time, vaseline is my new best friend at the moment hehe besides the bottle of water in my other hand and goldengirl; I have experienced dry eyes too, forever rubbing at them and i'm making them sore. I've purchased some eye drops now which are helpping loads :D


Eloquent hooligan
My top lips feel swollen like Angelina Jolies today(or worse - Lesley Ash's lol).. I'd put it down to man flu or possibly a reaction to the hayfever tablets I've been taking... who knows...


Eloquent hooligan
No dry lips or eye so far.....not tired though at night and then fidn it hard to get up in the morning, anyone else??
I'm always 'up' in the morning :eek: It's a blessing & a curse...
Thank about your replied re the eye, i'll get some drops

yeah about the sleeping, im nomally out cold and 9:30 and then up at 6:30 in the morning no trouble.

this week, ive been rolling around until nearly midnight and then struggling in the morning, didnt get up until nearly 8 this morning!!!!!!!


Posts when she can
Yeh i got the dry lips 2 but it went away after week 4. If u are finding it hard to sleep take ur last shake a bit earlier. I found that i had a huge burst of energy for a few hours ....... unless of course ur looking 4 a mad night of passion

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