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sorry a horrible cellulite question

it will go but not all of it unless you drink plenty of water and start to tonew the problem areas. Hope that helps.

Even the skinniest of people have cellulite though.


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Yes, it will decrease as cellulite is due to a layer of fat so the less fat = less cellulite. However, skinny people get it too so you need to do leg toning exercises, drink lots of water and use a body brush on your legs everyday (brush upwards in a circular motion) to break the fat down. I need to start doing this, but I'm a lazy heif. Caffeine is suppose to be bad for cellulite, so cutting down on that could help, yet I don't see why like the other reasons.


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I've just grown to love mine!!:D It ain't going anywhere fast. But maybe that's because i'm over 40? Dunno - just glad to look slimmer in my clothes - only person sees me without them is OH and he loved me when i was 15 stone;)

Am sure yours will improve with weight loss and some of that body brushing though! Like Jess i'm a lazy lump to and can't be bothered with all that:eek:


Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya i have noticed a massive improvment to the top of my legs since losing weight and running/jogging.
I used to hate the wobbly,cellulite jelly legs.
I have lost 7" from each thigh now and the cellulite seems to have disappeared,plus my legs are alot more toned and i can feel the muscles in my thighs when i walk.

As the others have said most of us have cellulite even skinny minnies..LOL
But ive found doing abit of jogging has helped me,good luck xx


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I would like to take up jogging but I was wondering if i was too heavy to jog, i know that the people are bigger on the biggest loser but they have good medical advice and good trainers.


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I think most of mine is the back of the tops of my thighs and a bit on my bum...neither of which I can see without doing strange twirls in the mirror...so out of sight out of mind for me :D

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