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Sorry but I have to ask...

Hiya Mags,
We talked about poo in group tonight :eek:
I think you only need worry if u feel uncomfortable ... fortunately I've been ok so far.
U can try laxatives if you are uncomfy & once this has shifted ( so to speak ;)) my LLC suggested adding a dietry fibre supplement.
It might just been your body adjusting ..


is Magdalicious
hmmm... i was thinking of laxatives but i wasnt sure if it wouldn't affect the ketosis. I'll ask my LLC on Monday.
Mags xxx


Determined to succeed
Mags the fibre mix you get from your LLC is excellent. I use that with every meal and also drink the fruits of the forest water mix with all my water. That has fibre in it too. Both of them together would def help you.


Determined to succeed
Thanks luv.

They both have been a godsend for me. I tried duculax and the cramps i had in my stomach were unbearable. The fibremix will not give you the runs but just make you go 'normal' if you know what I mean lol


to start with it was a real problem for me i went 9 days without going! and wont go into the details when i did but never ever want to experience that again in my life!!!!!!!! i now take movicol and its a god send, you can buy it but costs £12 the doctor gave me it so was slightly cheaper, wouldnt be and couldnt be without it

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