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Soup in a flask


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Gosh it's been a while since I've been here...so I doubt anyone will remember me!

Anyway hubby has just started his journey, and wants to know if he can prepare his soup in a morning and take it to work in a flask to eat later. He asked the CDC and she said it needed to be drunk within 15 minutes of making it...as the instructions stated, he asked why and he was told because it is milk based and therefore shouldn't be reheated...however if it's in a flask it wouldn't be reheated.
I suggested that it maybe something to do with the vitamin depletion after a while, but he said is there scientific fact to support that?....hence I'm on here hoping someone can help!

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Suprised the CDC said that was the reason...tisk tisk!!! The resaon is because the vitimins and minerals start to break down after 15 minutes so you don't get the nutrition that you need from the pack.
Sorry to your hubby but making it up before hand is a big no no I'm afraid.
Can he not have tetras or bars for work?
Forgot to say CD has done the research on it (don't know if you can view it anywhere) but you are also not meant to cook the packs like some do for the same reason.


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Thanks for that Kelly, that's what I thought....he wants to know how they'd break down though, if the vacuum flask keeps the soup at the same temp...also with the porridge it tells you to cook it (1 min in microwave) so does this also have an effect on the vits and minerals?
He's pretty much stuck in his ways, he's been having soup in a flask for work for over a year so it would just be an easier transistion for him....porridge in a morning, then soup, a bar on the way home and frozen tetra at night.

I'm sure a CDC (obviously not your own!:sigh:) will be able to provide you with the science behind it. It just seems a bit wrong to me that someone won't take the professinals word for it just because they are 'stuck in their ways'. Does he think it's worth risking his health just to have a pre made flask of soup???:confused:


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He likes his facts, I'm afraid and wants to know the science behind it..what exactly happens to the vits and minerals?
He wants to carry on taking taking a flask of soup to work as he doesn't want questions from his work colleagues about what he's doing, which he would get if he suddenly started eating a bar or drinking from a carton, it's a small office and things don't go un-noticed. There do seem to be some contradictions though as mentioned in the last post re: not cooking packs but cooking porridge? And not having bars for the first two weeks, however the cranberry crunch has lower carbs than the porridge which I believe is allowed from the start?

I heard that the minerals breaking down was a rumour that came from LL, it's fine to drink it after 15mins, it's just that the thickeners breakdown in the shakes, making them not as nice to drink.


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I'll suggest he may want to phone H.O about it....they may be able to send some data. I just thought I'd try here first as it was great lifeline for me whilst I was on CD.
Also he would he actually be putting his health at risk as he's on 4 packs a day being a guy, and one pack has 1/3 of the vits and mins needed daily doesn't it? So he'd be getting the 100% of vits and mins from the other 3......if any CDC's could clarify this it would be great :rolleyes:



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Thanks for that Lynda...great find :)

So the vits and mins lost are only very small.....it'll probably taste terrible though!



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how about taking the water in the flask, and then adding the packet when required at lunch time?
At least then he doesnt have to worry about any breakdowns of vitaimins etc xx
Could he put the powder in a tupperware pot (so people don't seen the CD pack) and just make it in a mug with hot water (from kettle or flask) when he's going to drink it?

He could say he's got a contact in the catering trade who gave him a giant tub of instant soup (hence the few spoonfuls in a pot rather than a sachet) - and that it tastes better made up fresh????

Alternatively he could pour a tetra into a flask and make up with water (I prefer them diluted anyway) and drink that? maybe a bit less obvious than drinking from the pack?



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Thanks for the ideas Pamela, very cunning on the instant soup plan lol!

I'll run them by him....I think he's going to do a flask test to see what the soup ends up like after 5 hours, over the weekend..... so that he doesn't end up with something inedible whilst at work.

Helen x

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