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Discussion in 'Meetings and Events' started by astonben25, 6 April 2012.

  1. astonben25

    astonben25 New Member

    Hi all anyone from south wales
  2. Leah--x

    Leah--x Member

  3. Sara214

    Sara214 Active Member

    Me too :-
  4. toxicsgrl

    toxicsgrl Well-Known Member

    I'm in Pembrokeshire, does that count? :)

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  5. Carlyd85

    Carlyd85 Well-Known Member

  6. BritneyDean

    BritneyDean Well-Known Member

    Yes! I'm from South Wales!
  7. Choccyfan72

    Choccyfan72 Well-Known Member

    Me too, Bridgend
  8. Carlyd85

    Carlyd85 Well-Known Member

    I'm in Bridgend area too :)
  9. Choccyfan72

    Choccyfan72 Well-Known Member

    I live in Maesteg ;-) x
  10. Carlyd85

    Carlyd85 Well-Known Member

    I'm in pencoed area :)
  11. Choccyfan72

    Choccyfan72 Well-Known Member

    I'm Pencoed born and bred, moved out when I was 18.... Couple of years ago now lol x
  12. DiscPete

    DiscPete Motivated by you lot!

    Just about, live close to the border in not far from Caldicot.
  13. Rhij

    Rhij Member

    Hi, im from barry. Is anyone else? :)
  14. Cherry-Blossom

    Cherry-Blossom I CAN do this

    Me. Currently in Swansea.
  15. Pippasdvision

    Pippasdvision Well-Known Member

    Me but currently outside Carmarthen
  16. flabtofit

    flabtofit Well-Known Member

    Me - Bridgend :)
  17. bethmaj

    bethmaj Well-Known Member

    swansea, born and bred!! :) bx
  18. Blobby-Bobbie

    Blobby-Bobbie Active Member

    Im from ebbw vale
  19. Cherry Cola

    Cherry Cola Well-Known Member

    Hey Bobbie I live in Abertillery! Small world :)

    I'm originally from Carmarthen way but have lived here almost four years now :)
  20. little_legs13

    little_legs13 Active Member

    Bridgend here :wave_cry:

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