South West Meet Up - Bath Spa (14th April)


Not dieting ATM!
Who would be intersted in a South West Meet up sometime next year? How about around Easter when the days are longer and our bank accounts replenished!

Please post if interested and let us know of your suggestions for prefered date and location.

Bath is beautiful, has a train station and is easier to drive to than Bristol.

Exeter is fab too but would there be enough interested for a meet up so far SW.

Let's debate it and do it!!!

Dizzy x:)
Whoo hoo Dizzy - well done on the thread suggestion.

I am up for it - definitely, Bristol, Bath, Exeter even Plymouth - anywhere in the SW is better for me! Thanks for the suggestion.

(((( hugs ))))
i'll come if its near a train station and not easter weekend as Ive 3 young kids..........but near easter would be ok ??
im up for it. i can do any of those locations. im in Plymouth
me defo exeter or bath please susan x
Wow, everyone and especially Irene (that is a long way!)

I'm really keen to make it Bath now as I think that will suit all those who have signed up and be more likely to encourage more from further afield.

It is a lovely place to take a weekend break so maybe you can fit some sightseeing in too or maybe try out the new Spa.

If I am going to have a hand in organisation it is easier for me aswell as although I live in Essex my Mum is quite close to Bath so when I visit next I can try to check out some locations and accommodation.

What does everyone think?

Dizzy x
I'd love to come along :)
Could you pick a weekend when Sunderland aren't playing at home otherwise I'll be in the North East LOL.

Bath's lovely :)

Kitty xxx
Just got back from a girls weekend in Bath and would definately recommend a visit - it is just beautiful....

Lots of lovely shops, bars, restaurants and history.....we stayed at the Hilton cos we left it late and everywhere was booked up cos of the Christmas market but the Travel Lodge is pretty central and there were loads of B&B's......

Unfortunately I will have to give this one a miss as I am supposed to be going to Inverness around April time.....

I am in Plymouth so Exeter would be ideal for me or further west lol, Im not gonna be able to get to Bath hoo ...sob sob, Im needed as some of the parents have no one else there child can go to.