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Size 16 Will Do

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I am on the mailing list for lighterlife and get the mag subscription.

In the email it says there is an offer on the price if you join now. Does anyone know what the offer is?

And what are all the favours now on lighterlife?

In a bit of a mess at the minute weight wse and don't know what to do. Go away in 8 weeks so need to do something drastic!!

Thanks everyone x
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the offer is 66 pound per week until end of march. the shakes are strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and banana. porridge, savouries are thai chilli soup, mushroom soup, chicken soup vegetable soup and tomato soup. chilli con carne. bars are peanut, cranberry, nut fudge, toffee and lemon. new packs are available soon. there is spicy curry soup, minestrone soup, shepherds pie and a new toffee bar with crispy bits in, hope this helps and good luck xx


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WOW i wasn't aware there was so much choice on LL.!! lemon and toffee sounds LUSH lol.

size 16 will do this diet is well more expensive than CD... have u changed your mind about doing CD now??

good luck x


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I know it is more expensive than other programmes, but it isnt just about the foodpacks and bars, which incidently are deeeelish, but you must not forget the importance of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions. They are the so useful becuase they help you understand the choices you make in life and not just with food, you can adapt it to any situation.
I also worried that the cost was a lot, but after considering the amount I spent on food, take outs, alcohol is soon became the most cost effective option and I knew I would benefit from it long term with the weight loss snd the return of my confidence along with adapting my relationship with food in the future.
God I sound like a preacher, sorry, just know how this is making me feel almost 2 weeks in and it is like I am getting my life back finally, the only regret, I didnt do it sooner!
Good luck with whatever you choose to do....x


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Hear hear , I couldn't agree more. In life terms it is a bargain if it works for you.
I remember Annaphylactic who use to do LL.
She recommended people to borrow money or mortgage their
house rather than give up LL because of the expense!
A little extreme, but I see where she's coming from.


Tough But Sexy X
S: 93.4kg C: 88kg G: 73kg BMI: 32.3 Loss: 5.4kg(5.83%)
Cracking photo's Slendabenda, you little minx lol cant wait to hit my goal to put mine up, got a way to go but i will get there with the support from everyone! x


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Thank you so much.
You will get there I'm sure. You're in the right mind set.
It's a challenge at times, but the weight loss is swift, the results show very quickly and that spurs you on and if you get a bit wobbly sometimes we are here for support.
Good luck.


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LL is worth every penny! I would never even dream of going for a cheaper version. It's just not the same without the amazing support.

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