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spicey tomato

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me too! very gritty and weird tasting:sign0137:
Actually don't like any of the soups! and i know - am in the minority :eek:


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if u look on the back of any soup pack it does tell u that spicy tomato needs to be made slightly different.
thats why u have that sandy problem.
u have to use a small amount of water to mix it to a paste before adding the hot water.
u then have a normal (non sandy) soup. lol


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I am a fan of (most!) soups, but i couldn't take to the spicy tomato either. maybe I made it slightly wrong then... still i dont want to buy another incase its just a case that i dont like it :)


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I hated all the soups, I just couldn't get them non-frothy - and frothy soup is just plain wrong!

Corinne x


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to do them none frothy.. i use 450mls - 500mls of water.. blend it cold.. then heat it gently in the pan.. yum yum..

x x
Hi all
I'm new here, started CD on Sunday - doing ok. Stuck to it 100% but i had to take back all my soup and change for shakes. I just couldn't stomach the powderyness. Am i mixing them wrong?? I use a hand blender and did mix the spicy tomato to a paste fist but still horrible. Even with the shaker i think there is a powdery tast. I have started mixing everything in the blender. Any help on the soups would be great - the flavour is fine but the powderyness is yuk! I don't know if i can go with just shakes and bars.

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do you use hot water?

this is how i do mine:

I boil the kettle leave it for 5-10 minutes in the kettle then get my pack empty in a bowl then slowely add water from the kettle and whisk with a hand whisk then add more water and keep doing it till i am happy with amount i got! (usually 450 mls)

with the sweet packs i use clod water in my blender!!

but i love the soups... lol


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I had Spicy Tomato today for lunch and I thought it tasted ok! If that's the worst then I am hoping the others will be really yummy!


Striving to be good.....
Yummy soups......

I always use 8 fluid ounces of water in the soups and it takes good to me.....
Spicy tomato first time i had it tasted like sahara desert spicy tomato, till someone told me to read the instructions on the back of hte pack.... Now think its gorgeous now that I can make it properly! :eek:)

Am I the only person who loves the soups? Oriental chilli and Vegetable are lovely. Also the lactose free ones - I actually like them but others say that they taste awful..... perhaps my tastebuds are wrecked after too many years of abuse!
Came home last night absolutely famished...... all that was around was some cooked cabbage in the steamer so I ate that and enjoyed every bloody morsel!
(testament to my shocking tastebuds I guess!)

Bought my team hot cross buns today - my favourite and I didn't eat a single one!

Viva la soups!

Happy Easter everyone.....

Love Michelle xx


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When I first made it it was all sandy, but since mixing it with cold water at first, it's really yummy and my favourite soup.

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