Spicing things up! Getting refreshed!


:eek: Ok so I'm SSing as a restarter of LL! I had a week or so of CD but found I needed the group thingy!

:) I'm wondering if any of the following are allowed as well as packs and if anyone has been kicked out of K by using them. :) I know that CD seems to be a little more lenient than LL...I guess LL want to take the abstinence/detox approach!

:rolleyes: ZERO drinks
:rolleyes: new Nescafe Espresso coffee (lush though says come with a 'crema layer!'. (Jar has no ingredients/nutritional values:mad: )
:rolleyes: Perfectly clear waters
:rolleyes: A touch of skimmed milk ( I used it last week and stayed in K, but wondering if it may catch up with me?):cool:

:D ...anyone think of any others we can get away with! Not looking for a way to cheat just a way to spice things up a little! (convinced you?)

:eek: Cheers guys
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Hi Nic
I had boaters coffee - sold in most health food shops in a variety of flavours - irish cream:mint:vanilla; etc
They were great as I found black coffee too bitter
Also have you tried saving some vanilla foodpack to mix up in your coffee to make a latte?
Good luck with your journey - mu8st admit I found the counselling superb on LL and although completed management and maintaining well, I still attend group sessions for my "FIX"
Hi Nic.
I have been LL for 8 weeks but haven't tried any of the things that you mention. I am too scared of coming out of ketosis ! i did do a thread some time ago about Coke zero etc and thats supposed to be okay but I haven't risked it yet but may well do when I have a night out ! Hope someone in the know comes and answers you as I am interested too !
When I did CD, I used to drink a Kenco coffee made with the pods that gave a creme layer. I contacted them about the ingredients and they said there was nothing added. The layer was made by the way the machine (Senseo coffee maker) pushes it through the pod or something.
I haven't tried the Nescafe Espresso coffee. Perhaps it uses the same process?

I've heard that the boaters coffee is a no-no on Cambridge.

Personally I can't see a problem with the skimmed milk, though I didn't try it, but thinking about it, you can have it on 790 and stay in ketosis, so perhaps you'd be okay. Need others thoughts on that.
Firstly Karon , where dy get the floaty butterflies from? Theyre fabby!

:eek: Oh no what have I started! Paranoia no doubt....

:confused: ......need the Boaters thing clarifying? I have had it daily in my shakes, getting into and staying in Ketosis. I think there are 2 different types, the instant No carbs No cals which I use and the perculator stuff!??:confused:

:) Fab Karon re the crema layer and good on you for knowing all about the process! That's brilliant! As for the skimmed milk, how much did you allow daily to stay in Ketosis. I have found that cups of tea are taking place of my comfort foods...oh dear! That doesn't bode well does it?:rolleyes:

Keep em comin....:eek:
Things I had when on 7 mnths SS
perfectly clear strawberry & kiwi
boaters flavoured coffees without milk
coke zero - occasionally
berry water flavouring half a teaspoon per 2 litres
colmans english mustard, tesco tikka spice mix
supercook powdered gelatine
psyllium husks
if you are creative, the last 2 can be used for all sorts!

Ann x