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Okay, so my swimming instructor says I really should start Spinning to help me lose the weight, but she was being very honest and said I will most likely probably be sick or feel it at least the first time I go!!!

Has anyone else experienced this??
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Ah that's encouraging :) spinning is as tough as you want to make it.. Even though the instructor may be shouting at you & encouraging you to go faster just go at your own pace until you've tried a few classes! It's a fantastic fat burner, you can burn up to 500cals in a 45min class. Most gyms provide beginner classes so why nor try one of those to get you started?

It's without a doubt my favourite class and I always feel so motivated for life afterwards, think it's something to do with the adrenaline and music lol


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I want to try it bit I'm scared:/ it looks really intense, I've watched other people spinning when I've been there. I guess if I can take it at my own pace it'll be ok. I should just bite the bullet & give it a go.


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Yeah, she said that I can go at my own pace - she is a brilliant aqua instructed really pushes you! Plus I have had personal training sessions with her, so I know she is really good - just giving me the harsh facts!!! I'm going away on Friday then on the 18th of the month I am having an op on my ankle, so I am hoping to start once I have recovered - so mid August, burn some more fat before my hols in Sept!!! :D Thanks xxx
The only time I've seen anyone Spinning is on the Biggest Loser and it freaks me out! I can imagine getting off the bike and falling over!!


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Right, I've decided I'm going to go for it. On either thurs or Monday. Eek! I'd say I'm reasonably fit.

What can I expect?


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hoping said:
Burning legs for a couple of days and a sore bum from the saddle!! And some serious satisfaction that you have made it through!!!
Will I be struggling to walk the day after? Lol, I'm quite looking forward to it, but I'm nervous too. Also don't really know how to set up the bike seat height etc but I'm sire it's easy.


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hoping said:
Well my legs were burning from tues to sun!!! But it was my first one and I am not as fit as I could be!!

Don't worry bout seat or any o that they will explain it all. Am sure you will enjoy. I enjoyed the class just not the aftermath!!! But it is brill and what my trainer said is exactly what I need. So mad and all as it sounds I think I will go to class tomoro night!!!
I'm going for it. I will tell them when I book that it's my first time. I'm looking forward to it. They run a class every night so if I like it I'll prob go once a week and do my normal workout twice a week.
Ladies I was feeling so bruised erm inside if you get me from sitting on the saddle so I got a gel cover for the seat from a bike shop and it saves the pain :)

Spinning is excellent and you'll meet new people if you go to a regular class, I always sit next to the girl and we motivate eachother in the class.

I did throw up on my first class but I went completely crazy and pushed myself too far. My gym only does 30min classes but they are so intense i feel like my soul has been drained after!

Couldn't recommend it enough though, you'll be looking amazing combining your personal training , spun and aqua!!


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I've booked it!! 7pm tomorrow night! I'm hoping I love it. The girl on the phone said to just take it at my own pace & if I don't feel comfortable increasing the resistance I don't have to.


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Good luck Mini Mog!
I spin twice a week - was dead bervous before my first class and I adore it - definately the best class I think and the time flies.
Let us know how you get on x


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I really hope I love it! I was convinced to go by seeing bob & jillian using it on the biggest loser. Hope my bum doesn't get too sore!!
Good luck all. I absolutely love spinning, I remember my first class and I thought I was going to pass out!!!!!! I didn't but when I got in the car to drive home my legs were like jelly. You will get a really sore bum at first but you harden to that over time ha! :) x


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bexyboo said:
Ahh no! How come???

I think I may just book a class for after my op and my ankle is better - then I will go!!! Cause if I don't they will charge me!!
I set off on time but hit traffic and roadworks :( poo cuz I HATE just doing the gym but had no choice! Gah!

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