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Splitting Shakes?!



Here we go again!
I know somebody called LT and they said not to do it. If I was you I would ring them yourself, explain that you prefer to split them and see what they say. I think LT think that people are making the shakes up and then splitting them. Obvioulsy we can't do that but it wouldn't hurt to ask them direct. Good luck!
Ok thanks for the advice i will give them a call.x


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Let me know what they tell you, as it was me they told NOT to split the shakes? But as MiniB said, maybe they thought I was making them up and drinking 1/2 now and the other 1/2 later on (not the case btw! LOL!)
I asked and told them i was splitting the powder and making them fresh i was told as long as we have all three sachets in the day it dose not matter. so i am sticking to my 5 portions! 2 vanilla in 9am 11am strawberry 2pm chocolate 5pm 8pm, it has worked so far 12lb loss this week I am thrilled!

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That's good news Kelly for those who like to split it. Thanks for letting us know and clearly it's working with your 12lbs loss !!

I prefer just to have the 3 drinks a day, but it's important people can do what works for them.
Yeah I agree it really does help me not to pick if i no im having something every couple of hours.

wk 1 - 12lb
Thats a good idea to split shakes, i mite try splittin mine in the evening when im less busy around teatime!

How much water do u put into a split shake?


Wobbley Woo

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:(I split mine and halved the water but it was too watery and weak for me :(
well the ones i split i have hot like the chocolate i make mint tea in just a normal tea cup then add half the powder and whisk + 2 sweetners and its lovely or the vanilla i make a decaf coffee (just by choice) then add half the powder and again whisk and its yummy.

wk 1 - 12lb
Thats great to know!! I always feel hungry around 5pm so have my last shake then but come 8pm and im in front of the telly i wished i could have just held out a bit longer! Im going to try splitting my last shake and hope for the best! x


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I split my shakes all the time!
Especially my evening one. I usually mix half the packet of chocolate with coffee & a sweetner & loads of ice.....just like a frappacino from starbucks! (or at least I like to think so...haha)

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