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ProPoints Spotty Doris' WW ProPoints Diary


Determined to succeed!
So, here we go again on a new weight loss journey. Hopefully this will be my last.

Over the years I have flirted with loads of different diets, but only ever succeeded on quite restrictive plans - I lost 3 stone on Atkins when I was about 19/20... and then a couple of years ago I got 5 stone off with Lighter Life. Both programmes are very 'all or nothing'. In the case of Atkins I knew very early on what I could and couldn't eat - and in the case of LL, it was even simpler.. I couldn't eat anything except my foodpacks. No grey areas!

So - needless to say I still struggle with day to day eating because I've never really learnt the lessons necessary to keep the weight off on my own.

In fairness to Lighter Life, I didn't start/complete their Route to Management programme - which teaches you how to eat again, portion control etc. Those I know that saw it through don't have the same issues.

I lost a total of 5 stone on Lighter Life - coming off it in January 2009 at 11 st 6 lbs. In the last 2 years I have put on a stone. Not the end of the world I know... but I was aiming at 10 stone in the first place - so I am just getting further away from my goal and not closer.

I have now adjusted my target weight to 10 and a half. This puts my BMI at a healthy 23... if I am on a roll and get a few pounds below this, then great! We'll see what happens!

To get these last two stone off, I have opted for Weight Watchers ProPoints. Let's see how this goes! :)

SD x
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Determined to succeed!
Well, today is day one... and so far I'm finding it's going ok.

I am quite hungry - but then I have only had 8pp so far, and it's gone 4pm.

I went to Tesco and did a massive shop and now have lots of fruit to snack on, and a few yummy low(ish) point treats.

My food today so far:

30g x Special K Red Berries with Semi Skimmed Milk = 4
Lots x Seedless Grapes (pack of!) = 0
2 x Skips = 4
1 x Curlywurly = 3
8 x Seafood Sticks = 2
1 x Nectarine = 0
0.5 x Spinach & Red Pepper Frittata (from Blue Book) = 8
1 x Dairylea Triangle = 1
1 x Custard Cream biscuit = 2
10 x olives = 1
Raw spinach, tomatos & cucumber = 0
2 tsp x Balsamic Vinegar = 0
0.5 tsp x Light Mayo = 0
1 x WW Raspberry Cheesecake = 5
Total = 30
(Daily: 29 / Weekly: 1)

I'm really annoyed with myself. I thought I was bang on 29, but when I added it all up again I was one over. Boo.

SD x
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Determined to succeed!
Day Two

Mmm... have just dug into a massive filling breakfast. Nine points, but it is 11:30am, so that's ok.

I copied the 8pp breakfast in the Start booklet... 3 rashers of Bacon grilled, 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and a smoothie made with strawberries, a banana, a small pot of 0% Greek yogurt and quarter pint skimmed milk. Mmmm! Stuffed now though! The smoothie recipe called for low fat natural yogurt, but I've only got Greek... it was like glue! Hopefully the skimmed milk won't add too much. Added a point just to be safe. So ... 9 so far :) Woop!

SD x


Determined to succeed!
Thank you Jo. I have faith that I can do it this time. Fingers crossed!

Just did the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout (second time) and I got through it! The other day when I tried I got ten minutes in and had to stop. Very pleased with myself! I did have to take a few rests I must say, and my boss phoned up near the end so I had to take the call... but I did it all. Woo woo!

Have stupidly roped myself into going to Zumba tonight. No idea what to expect. Dreading it!

Ok, off to munch on a peach and recover from my exertions!!

SD xx


Determined to succeed!
Ok, day three almost over... well, ish.

My food diary for yesterday in the end was as follows. Not too bad, although still not mastering the 3 square meals thing - I'm just picking through the day :(

*****DAY TWO*****
Bacon Rasher x 3 = 3
Mushrooms = 0
Tomatoes = 0
Poached Eggs x 2 = 4
Strawberry & banana smoothie = 3
Peach = 0
Seafood Sticks = 3
Skips = 2
Crisps at pub = 5
Spag Boll = 10 (guess, had correct portion size of spag, but didn't point the homemade sauce or the parmesan).
Curlywurly = 3
TOTAL = 32
Daily points used: 29
Activity points earned (and used): 2
Weekly points used: 1

Today so far...

*****DAY THREE*****
Rice Krispie Limited Edition Choc Square = 4
Spinach and Red Pepper Frittata = 8
Peach = 0
Nectarine = 0
Banana = 0
Skips = 2
Stirfry with prawns = 3
WW Carrot Cake = 3

About to do my daily 30 Day Shred workout, so that will earn me 2 more propoints, giving me 11 for dinner... not too bad. Really trying not to dip into my weeklies too much either - although due to error I did end up going over yesterday and the day before by 1/2 pp... so it's nice to have that safety net. Hope it doesn't bugger up the weight loss though.

Hope everyone else's day is going ok so far.

SD x


Determined to succeed!
Hi all,

Finished yesterday with a WW Sausage and Mash meal with loads of broccoli, for 9pp. First day of being bang on. Yey me! I'd even earned 2pp doing my workout, but according to my app, these were swallowed up by 2 additional points I used the day before. Is that right?

This app (brilliant one on Android called WWDiary) basically uses up Activity Points before Weekly Points. Now, I know weeklies can be used across the week... but is that the same for activities? Or do you have to use them on the same day you earn them?

Hmm... anyway.... well, today is day four and I am starting to wonder if this is working. Had a quick weigh and don't seem to have lost. Will try not to obsess until WI on Tuesday, but feels a bit too good to be true. I'm eating lots of free stuff, but I still can't believe that there is no limit on quantity. Bonkers. We shall see!

*****DAY FOUR*****
Peach = 0
Banana = 0
Tea x 2 = 1
Muller Light = 1
Crisp = 4
Dairylea triangle = 1
Carrot batons = 0
Baked spud (180g cooked) = 7
King prawns in homemade Marie rose = 3
Salad = 0
Pear = 0


Activity points can be used on the day you earn them, or taken across the week, they do reset on your weigh in day though so if you dont use them, you lose them :)

Dont worry too much about using the weeklies :) That's what they are there for! The free fruit and stuff is in moderation, but so long as you aren't having like, 43 bananas a day, you'll be fine! It does seem to good to be true, but it seems to work... bizarrely!

I used to use the WWDiary app, there's an option in the settings to change it so it uses weeklies before Activity points if you wanted it changed - In the settings, its the "When I Go Over..." option.

Your diaries look yummy, keep it up, have a great weekend!


Silver Member
Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my diary! :)
I've got that weight watchers diary app - I find it really handy!
Hope you're having a good day! xx


Determined to succeed!
Hellooooo - righty then... I have felt like I'm slipping, so wanted to put my food diaries in again... including the full on from day four... here we go:

*****DAY FOUR****
Banana = 0
Peach = 0
Muller Light Raspberry = 1
2 x Tea with sweeteners = 1
Bacon Disco Crisps = 4
Baked Potato (cooked 180g) = 7
Prawns (100g) in homemade marie rose = 3
Dairylea triangle = 1
Carrot batons = 0
Pear = 0
M&Ms (peanut butter, 21g) = 3
Prawns (100g) = 1
Noodles (half a dried portion) = 4
Kung Po sauce (1/3 jar) = 3
No added sugar apple and watermelon jelly = 0
Curlywurly = 3
Daily Points: 29
Weekly Points: 2 (total used so far: 5)

****DAY FIVE****
2 x Wholemeal bread slices = 4
2 x bacon rashers = 2
Passion Fruit = 0
Rice Krispie Square (original) = 3
2 x Quavers = 4
2 x small salmon fillets = 12
New potatos = 4
Runner beans = 0
Broccoli = 0
Curly Wurly = 3
Giant Choc Buttons x 4 = 1
Random Sweets = 3
Daily points: 29
Weekly points: 7 (total used so far: 12)


Do you think I am doing ok? Having these extra points makes me feel really naughty although I know we are allowed them. The scales don't seem to be moving either, so it's a bit of a bummer. Any tips anyone can give me???


Spotty x


Determined to succeed!
Oops, I'm a bit behind with my food diaries.... will write a proper diary entry next time... just trying to keep logged.. :)

****DAY SIX****
Rice Krispie Square (Choc) = 4
Skips = 2
Pear = 0
Fajita Seasoning = 3
M&M Peanut Butter (30g) = 4
WW Chicken Casserole = 9
Tortilla Wraps = 10
Baby Corn & Mange Tout = 0
Quavers = 2
Chicken Pieces = 6
Guacamole = 4
Soured Cream = 4
WW Carrot Cake = 3
Curlywurly = 3
Daily points: 29
Weekly points: 25 (total used so far: 37)

****DAY SEVEN****
Quavers (x2) = 4
Skips = 2
Kiwi = 0
WW Carrot Cake = 3
Crumpets (x 3) = 7
Smoothie (fruit + 1/4 pt skimmed) = 1
Chicken breast = 5
Black bean and garlic stir fry sauce = 3
Spaghetti = 4
WW Rich Toffee Bar = 2
WW Apple Crumble Bar = 2
Daily points: 29
Weekly points: 4 (total used so far: 41)

Special K Red Berries (60g w/skimmed)= 8
Subway Melt on 6in wheat = 9
Banana= 0
Nectarine =0
Rice Krispie Square Choc = 4
Sweet Potato Crisps = 2
Crumpets (x2) = 5
Rice Krispie Square Original = 3
Gammon = 6
Sweet Potato Mash = 4
WW Chocolate Pot Pud = 2
Daily points: 29
Weekly points: 14 (total used so far: 14)

****DAY NINE****
Banana= 0
Melon cubes =0
Wholemeal bread (medium x 2) = 4
Poached Egg (medium x 2) = 4
Stir fry veg = 0
King prawns = 3
Stir fry sauce = 2
WW choc pot = 2
Rice Krispie Square Original = 3
Morrisons Regular Salad Box (guess!) = 6
WW Carrot Cake = 3
Nectarine = 0
Quavers (25% extra free) = 3
Apple = 0
Curlywurly = 3
Olives (x3) = 0
Daily points: 29
Weekly points: 0 (total used so far: 14)

Will update more later...

Finding it ok.

Had my weigh in on Tuesday evening... only lost 1.5lbs in my first week - so not great - but I will strive on.

SD xx
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