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Spud U Like Help please!

Hi, am going to brighton shopping tomorrow and need to plan lunch. I know there is a spud u like there so was thinking about a jacket, i usually have tuna mayo and sweetcorn. How many syns should i allow for the mayo? i am on EE so jacket, tuna and sweetcorn are free right?:confused:
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The website gives a list of the fillings with the calories - I know we don't use calorie counting but it could give you an idea?

The tuna & sweetcorn is 176 calories. It says that it's made with Hellman's mayo.

Linky >> Spudulike Food

It looks like they use a lot of branded stuff - WW baked beans, Uncle Ben's curry sauce, etc.
if you want to be syn free. i'd opt for a nice and boring potatoe and baked beans. If your feeling risky, i add cheese and ask for it to be put on top of the beans (i dont know why but they always put it under the baked beans) and the take off as much as you can, as they always put alot on. and have it as ur HEA


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That's the only place the cheese should be in a cheese and beans jacket. If you put the cheese on top it's horrible, yuk, lol.
i totally agree, you have to have cheese straight on it, so that it melts all in mmmmmmmmmmmmm, nothing worse than a baked potato with non melted cheese heehee. xx


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I love this place as it's probably the only place in my local shopping centre where I can eat and not have a plateload of syns. I just had the boring baked potatoe and baked beans though, but it was nice and really filling.


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i go to spud u like at least once a week while in town and i have a baked tattie with cottage cheese and beans, completely free and really nice, sounds weird but its lovely! cottage cheese under beans, the total contrast between hot beans/tattie and cold cottage cheese is gorgeous :) i also reccommend lots of cracked black pepper u get with it :D


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Normal hellmans mayo for a tablespoon is 5 syns
Hellmans light is 2.5 syns
thay would proberly use the full fat one !

i think there would be a least one tablespoon in the portion of tuna and sweetcorn!!


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i reckon the mayo would actually maybe be light? the cottage cheese is low fat and they only use weight watchers beans too
Going to Trafford Centre on Saturday and I have been panicking what to eat.

Thought about going to Spud u Like, but me previous SW leader put me off as she said most places melt butter in the beans to prevent the beans from sticking together :eek:

I always thought though that food establishments have to advertise it anything has been added incase of allergies and dietry needs............

However I am going to ignore what she said and go to Spud u Like as this is going to be the best choice. Then it's Chinese take away as we will be too exhausted to cook by the time we get back :8855:
their cottage cheese is low fat but not fat free im afraid hon!

i always have beans and cheese, if you ask they'l put your cheese in a seperate pot, i find if i can eat half of my potatoe without the cheese, and add a guess of 28g on my last half, i am more likley to guess conrectly than try to cover the potatoe with a rough guess, as its easy to over guestimate!

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