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SS 100% and only a small loss :-(


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I am a but gutted today as i only loss 2lbs this week:cry: i think it was a knock on effect of skipping meals last week but it still crappy as you all know how hard SS is.
But I know i need to keep my meals up and my water and it will all be better next week.
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2lb is not a bad loss hun. It still is a loss. I am sure you,ll make up for this next week. keep the eye on the ball x


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thats what hubby said and i know what i am doing wrong just need to step up my game i need rid of this fat lol


is on a mission......!
Slow losses are very very very frustrating! My scales are STUCK again! WI Sunday and not happy! Still gotta stick to it as it will work in the end!

I've been a bit rubbish with water so must do better next few days xx xx


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water is my downfall and my CDC and many other say its the key to big losses so we need to get drinking lol


Winning a losing battle!
I think it may be one of those weeks, my weigh in is tomorrow and I think I'll have a 2lb week this week.

I've been 100% too and drinking 4 litres of water a day so just have to put this one down to one of those weeks!


Slimming down the aisle
I'm really bad with making sure I have all my shakes and water, doesn't happen much at all!


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I just had my WI and lost 2.2lbs this week so you're not alone! Don't despair, it's still going in the right direction :)


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cheers all i am trying really hard to have all my shakes and water this week and its going ok so far
how r u getting on so far this week??
im getting weighed tomorrow and cheated a little this week so not looking forward to it.
from tomorrow though, i am determined to 100%ss
hi keeley
I am doing much better i haven't skipped any meals this week and have been much better with the water so fingers crossed for tomorrows wi.

Tonight i was feeling hungry and we have a pan of pasta sat on the oven left over from dinner and i really wanted to eat some but i didn't i am really surprised that i have stayed 100% over the last 9 weeks

But as you say as of tomorrow start again and I am always here if things get to much x
woohoo i didn't skip meals and drank my water which = 5lbs loss phew i am happy with that


Serial Dieter!
Yay for KerryBerry..... 5lb makes up for the 2lb last week.... absolutely can't argue with that one...:happy096::clap:

cheers Ali xx
half a stone in 2 weeks! cant complain can we?? xxx
congrats x
no complaining here hun heres to staying 100% and glugging the water down so we get more of this pesky weight off
I think 2lb is still great. I'm happy just as long as I'm actually losing. I hate STS. But overall you have done fantastic.
i feel that i can lose 2lbs on a diet that isn't so hard going sometimes so i feel that if its over 2lbs its worth the heart ache if you know what i mean but you are right a loss is a loss and i should be thankfull

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