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SS+: Fitting in that 3rd CD meal?


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I'm starting SS+ (add a meal) today, and I'm just wondering how to fit my third CD meal into my day, so I don't take it for granted (i.e. I don't want to just grab a shake because I can't think of anything else!).

So far, I've thought of:-

  • having a Mix-A-Mousse as a pudding
  • making up a soup with less water to use as a sauce on the 200 cal. dinner
  • having a hot chocolate shake as a bedtime drink
  • having a porridge for supper
  • cutting a bar in half, and having each half as a mid-morning + mid-afternoon snack (good for work!)
How do other SS+ers make use of their third CD meal? Any good ideas?! :)
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Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Do you have to have 3 shakes if your adding a meal in the evening? x

Ive just realised your 5 ft 8 so is that why hon x
No, curly - everyone does, according to my CDC (and the yellow book).

On SS+, you can have Option 1 (4 CD meals plus 200ml skimmed milk) or Option 2 (3 CD meals plus 200 cal. 'green & white' meal) - both regardless of gender or height. I'm choosing Option 2 because I know that my body is well ready for food now (and I need to stop picking at hubby's dinners!). :eek:

I'm just thinking that it would be easy to 'waste' the third CD meal and treat it as a kind of afterthought - I don't want to do that, so I'm trying to get imaginative!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I'm planning on having a tetra as a hot chocolate at breakfast, same again at lunch, chicken and green salad for tea and then a hot chocolate tetra on the bath once my baby's in bed!
I would be tempted to have it as a mix a mousse after my meal, or as a bedtime drink.... or you can make a chocolate shake into a muffin and have it with a cup of tea mid afternoon..... or make the soup into crisps and have them with your evening meal...


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
My CDC has told me specifically NOT to have muffins or crisps etc. as they're not allowed (much like KD warns on here), but I guess it might be OK now and then - seeing as I'm having a 'real' meal now?

(KD will be on the warpath now I've said this - wielding a large stick, lol!! :eek:)
I have a tetra mid-morning when I'm on SS+. It feels like a snack rather than a meal, then I have lunch a little later. I struggled before with having 3 CD packs and a meal, I couldn't eat them all! This is what works for me.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Tonight I had tuna with rocket, and a mix-a-mousse for afters. I feel really full now! :D (I must admit that I do like the feeling of being able to have a pudding...:))
I have moved from 810 to 1000 ready for going away in 2 weeks. When I was on 810 I had a chocolate shake as a hot chocolate in the evening most of the time. When I knew I had to work late and would not eat until later I had a bar at 5ish to keep me going.

Not eating meat I did struggle with alternating fish, tuna and cottage cheese! I'm not a lover of quorn althouth I did use it a couple of times it is not very interesting without a sauce.

I expect I will be back on either ss+ or 810 when I come back from hols.
My typical day on ss+ (3 shakes and meal)

Morning - Porridge
Lunch time - Bar
6ish - green and white meal
9ish - tetra

I do work from home so bit easier to stick to timing, if I am out and about I just go armed with tetra's and my bar:D

:D bit of a routine now, if I don;t have my bar at lunch it feels really odd lol
I love the porridge and thought if I have it as breakfast it may help when I am back to eating to have breakfast in the first place, because I never did before:rolleyes:


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Hey Jacey.
Did you enjoy having the tuna, and rockit.. x
Yeah, it was nice actually (although two tablespoons of rocket isn't very much - and all the leaves make it difficult to measure it anyway, lol :)). I noticed that the yellow book says we can have low-fat salad dressing, so I bought some 'Salad Light' spray to try (you'll find it alongside the 'Fry Light' spray at the supermarket). It's a balsamic dressing and only one calorie per spray - and it's nice! So that was a bit of a find.

I went a bit mad and bought some asparagus yesterday, and I'm having that tonight with chicken. I'm going to try making one of the soups into a sauce, and see how that goes. (Just wondering how much water to put in to mix it well but still keep it thick?) Basically I'm going to work through my "3rd meal" ideas one by one, and see which ones 'feel right'! :eat: :)

PS. Just been wondering what to do with my chicken fillet for tonight - so I've given it a couple of squirts of my new Salad Light (cos it's a nice flavour), sprinkled both sides with black pepper, mixed herbs and curry powder, wrapped it in tinfoil and put it in the fridge to marinate. I'll cook it like that in the oven later - will post up my opinion here afterwards! :D
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Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Update on my dinner!

Hi again - to follow on from above, I baked my chicken in the oven (in the tinfoil) and I steamed my asparagus. I made an Oriental Chilli soup up with very little water and poured it all over the top as a sauce. (Then the OH came in and said, "that can't be a diet meal - it looks too good!" - lol!)

The good news and the bad news:- the good news was that the chicken was nice and moist being cooked like this, and the asparagus was really lovely (I gave it a quick spray before cooking with my new Salad Light). The bad news is that I put too much curry powder on the chicken before I wrapped it up! :eek: And the second bad news is actually the CD soup used as sauce - the taste was really too strong and pretty much masked any natural flavour in the chicken and veg. (And because it was so strong, it tasted kind of artificial too.) So I might pass on that next time - it does mention "a little stock" in the yellow book, so I might just do that instead.

Other observations:- I had a bit too much chicken really - the raw weight was 150g and we should have 120g, but I thought, "what the heck - can 30g really make that much difference?!". (Don't know if that's true! :eek: Anyone?) And I didn't know how to measure two tablespoons of asparagus, so I just did myself six spears.

I'd had porridge for breakfast and a bar for lunch, as usual (which is what I'll have tomorrow at work). I think I'll try the choccy bedtime drink tomorrow! :)

(PS. My poor body reacting a bit to the mini veg onslaught - churny rumblings all day and an upset tummy tonight! Hopefully that will sort itself out soon, lol. :jelous:)


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
That's good to know - I've been to the loo about four times since dinner, lol! :eek:

(Our poor bodies must be wondering what's hit them! :eek: A lifetime of bad eating habits overturned in 12 weeks - and no going back! :))
Are you feeling more confident about the addition of food now Jacey?
I was pretty scared about it but now it is becoming as much of a routine as SS was for me.
The key for me is planning what I am going to have for my meal, the one day I forgot to I found myself tempted by other things as I browsed the fridge :eek:

Annie x


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Thanks for asking, Annie - I do feel more confident actually (there's not exactly a lot of food to choose from, so I'm trying to treat the allowed foods as if they were still CD meals - if you see what I mean!).

I've stocked up on chicken fillets, white fish and cottage cheese, and bought some of the vegetables on the list (no point in buying everything - it'll only go off). I've long been able to resist such scrumptiousness as hubby's bacon sandwiches, so there's no reason why SS+ should make me waver any more as it's so strict! My main danger is having more of the allowed foods than I should, but then if it's a healthy low-carb food it won't be such a massive issue hopefully. :eek:

So far so good - fingers crossed!! :fingerscrossed: :cross:
No, not exactly much room for inspiration is there lol!
I'm veggie so my choices are limited even further but at this time my diet is of utmost importance so I will eat some fish.

If you haven't tried mushrooms filled with cottage cheese and baked in the oven you really must, they are delicious :D

Maybe we need a SS+ thread like the 810 one so we can swop ideas for our meals?

Anyway, glad you are getting on well :)

Annie x

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