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ss-ing and having pms..help!

I normally don't pms that often since I'm on a special pill for 4 weeks without a real stop week. So sometimes my body will pms, sometimes it won't. It's been a while since I pms'ed (I think around 5 months) and this is actually the first time I'm having it while on this diet..if I remember correctly.
Now aside from the fake-hunger I'm getting, you know, the urge that you want fatty food even if you're not hungry at all, you just want it, I can actually cope with it really well. The problem is the water retention. Should I be drinking more water then usual and can pms be influencing my weightloss?
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I don't start CD SS until saturday, but I'd just keep doing what your doing and stick to the amount of water you've drank before. Water retention can be caused by PMS and the heat can cause it too, which can influence what the scales say but once everything goes back to normal you'll probably notice a bigger loss. xx
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I am also in your club, the joys of TOTM turned up last night, on my second day on SS. My OH was sat stuffing his face and i sat feeling deprived and all depressd, sad really but it is hard when TOTM , i do agree it all in our head and we can cope. I try to drink lots of water anyway, helps get rid of hunger pangs, but not sure if it affects weight loss. When i have done SS before and it has been TOTM, that my weight loss is normally lower between 2-4 pound off. So if there is anyway to encourage a better loss i'd be glad to know of it as well.


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I don't think there is anything you can do! at least I've not found a way to solve it yet!

Perhaps have an early night, a bubble bath and if you get stomach ache with it, take a paracetamol.

Hope you feeling more like yourself soon!
Ah cheers all. Yeah, I'm just hoping it will end quickly and I won't have the emo-hunger anymore. ^^
HUGS ... how you feeling now?
I'm feeling better ^^. Still not enjoying pms, but then again who does? The hunger has gone mostly. All I'm worried about is the water retention. I want to get rid of it already ;)

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