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SS+:- Why so few vegetables?


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I just wondered if anyone knew why only two tablespoons of vegetables are allowed in the 200 calorie meal on SS+ - it just seems so little! If you were eating watercress or rocket or something salad-y like that, would it really matter if you ate three or four tablespoons or even the whole bag?! (Bearing in mind a bag would only be about 20-30 calories.) :confused:

Or is there another, more scientific, reason?!
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I have wondered that! Would be good if someone could help out here! x


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I think it's to do with the amount of carbohydrate in the veg, a small amount could tip the balance and put you out of ketosis... maybe another more experienced dieter will back me up, lol!


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I thought that - I am on SS+ and the amount of veg v the amount of chicken (and even more fish) on you plate is crazy!!
Not that i am complaining - i love having a small meal!


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I had a little search round to find carb values of veg and found this site with a table of carb values.. Vegetable Carb Counter
Carrots are 7.3g per portion, and leeks are 12.6g :eek: I certainly didn't realise that!

Annie x
Yes, people often just think of carbs in terms of pasta, pots etc. There's a fair amount in fruit and veg too.

All good, but not helpful in the early stages of CD when you are trying to stay in ketosis.