St. Valentines Chellenge. Please Read. :)


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Christmas hasn't even happened;
New Years is still a whole week away

So what better way to stay motivated at this time of indulgence, opulence and jovality than to set the next Challenge?!

I propose :D :

YYSt. Valentines ChallengeYY

The Valentines Challenge takes into consideration weigh-ins over the
Valentines Week: 11th February 2007-17th February 2007

So what are we VLDCers waiting for? Sign Up!

Cah-Ching - 17Stones 4Ibs :)

I'll join your Valentines day challenge as although I was only 7lbs from target it will be rather more than that in a day or three when I decide enough is enough and get back on track.

Mizzy and me finally got together 17 years ago on Valentines day we had already been good friends for a couple of years. It would be great to be completely happy with my weight by then and also to be well on the way to a decent level of fitness and with a regular exercise routine fitting nicely into life. Quite a lot to achieve in just over a month. But good to have a new goal and I'm guessing others will aim and achieve even more than this.

Have a good Xmas! See you on the other side.

Dizzy x

Goal 10 stone 7 pounds + regular exercise routine.
Starting weight TBA!
count me in.... by Valentines day.. I hope to be at my original goal.. which is 11stone... which is the goal my ticker is counting towards :D
yeah, me too, I hope to be well on my way by then, possibly at or at least near goal.

good luck everyone.

ooh I'll be in this one, I think I'll aim to be 10 stone exactly which is about a stone less than I am now. I knw I could lose more between now and then but wont be properly into it till mid january after my birtday, which is why I havent joined the other challenge that was started.
I'm up for a challenge.......need some motivation for the New Year......:rolleyes:

I would like to have lost 1 1/2 stone by Valentines Day - will post weight on 8 January which is my start date.....:D

I'll go for this to lose any that I may put on between now and the new year.

Good Luck everyone x x x
I'll definitely join this challenge, my official weigh in day is Friday's so my Valentine challenge date will be 16/2/06, thats 7&1/2 weeks away, if CD loss of 1stone a month is to be acheived, then I'll be two stone lighter, so my Valentines goal will be to reach 12stone aka 168lbs, then I'll be 1 stone away from my total goal.....

Christmas eve and we're already working past till February, have I said I love this site or what???

Merry Christmas, xx Caz
Count me in too:D

My goal for valentines day is to be 12st - which is another 21lbs.

After today I need all the motivation I can muster!!!!!!!!!
oooh, Im in - Ive been struggling for almost two months going on and off the wagon.
So im keen to get back on. Im currently around 11st 7lbs - I'll set my goal at 10 stones.
I'd like to join in please! My goal is 9st 8lbs. That will be 15lb to lose (or maybe more as I haven't dared to get on the scales after yesterday!!! Ooops....
put me down for 21 lbs please, thats about 3lbs a week for 7 weeks, which should bring me in at around 13 stone 11 lbs :)
I'm going to be quite reserved as my weight loss even when I am behaving impeccably is sometimes low.... so I'm going to set myself up a goal I know I will achieve, which is quite low by our standards but still lots by any other diet. My other reason for setting it low is that I have heard it can slow down the closer you get to goal.... so after that mammoth explanation I will reveal I want to lose another stone by valentines day! I have my weigh in this evening so I will count my stone from that weight!

Looking forward to my year ahead, already much healthier than this time last year!

Dare i aim for 16.7 stones? What the heck why not.

Please count me in.
My start weight this morning was 16.10lbs - I would like to loose 1 1/2 stone by Valentines.....or shall I make it 1 stone 10lbs so I'll be dead on 15 stone?....yeah go on 1 stone 10lbs off by Valentines......:D

Good luck everyone.....:D

Hi all

I would love to take part in this challenge. I will also set my target at 1 stone. I'm not sole sourcing at the moment due to Dr's orders but hopefully will be allowed to return in about 3 weeks time!! Fingers crossed.
Good luck everyone

Jazzy x
I'd like to take part in this challenge!!! My weight today is 13.6 and I would ideally like to lose 1 stone 7lbs in the 4 weeks until my wedding and I return to England after my honeymoon on 13th Feb, so my first weigh in would be 14th Feb. Soooooo, ideally I'd like to lose 1 stone 1/2 by the wedding and put on no more than 7lbs whilst I'm out there, so come back at least 12 1/2.

It's set in stone now!! LOL