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The Diet Guy


The Diet Guy
I am sad because of Mags and the loss of her husband :-(

Very close to home for me in terms of age and circumstance and also in the US at the minute and all that is on over here is about a guy who killed 32 people in a college so just feeling a bit down at the minute.

Anyway what you doing up this late??

Ah bless ya honey! What's happened in Virginia is pretty big news here too.

I'm just an insatiable insomniac I guess :)

Off to play a few games of Bejewelled now to send me off to the Land of Nod :nightf:


The Diet Guy
Try Benbats!! It's the same game but I reckon better than Bejewlelled!!

Anyway night night!



Starbucks Caramel Macchiato!

However, at more than 200 calories I only touch it on days when I've taught at least two classes!


Serial Foodie!
i LOVE starbucks and moaned like no ones business at xxluckyxx and sonkie to stop at starbucks on our way back from Bath meet. havent had a starbucks in 5 years!!

i went for the mocha with hazelnut syrup. was GORGEOUS!!


Silver Member
Natuarally when an angel I purchase their very reasonably priced (not) bottled water.

When not an angel. A skinny mocha with no cream.:angeldevil: :angeldevil: :angeldevil: :angeldevil: :angeldevil:

Although, I have started to favour Costas over the bucks of late or should I say latte.:sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh:
I'm a good old fashioned skinny cappucino kinda gal - whether it be Starbucks or Costa - love 'em.


Intuitive Eater
I love cappuccinos but I prefer the ones you get Italian restaurants which are smaller and more authentic. I find the ones in Starbucks and Costa too big and way too sickly.

I always get my espresso coffees in Starbucks, and I love Costa for mochas and hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows (I'm allowed, I'm doing Paul McKenna's system!!!). :D :D :D
When I was allowed...
caramel frappucino (skinny of course, and no whipped cream)
will I ever trust myself to have one of those again?

Not tried the hazelnut syrup...not allowed on SS I suppose?


Silver Member
Costa's Macchiato!

When I was at Uni I worked part time for Costa and used to love their double macchiato, basically a double espresso with the tiniest drop of frothy milk! So delicious!
Asked for it in Starbucks and got something that resembled a large double shot latte, not impressed as I HAD to drink it cos I'd bought it!! LOL:D


Staff member
you cant get starbucks where i live (dont worry theres one in dublin for thoes going on the meet).

However, the university has javacity coffee, which is american: JavaCity - Arabica bean coffee, kona blend coffee, skymiles, coffee bean organic, gourmet coffee bean

Their coffee is good, and i like a cupochino(spelling?) with hazelnut. Or hot chocolate. They also do an iced coffee, and like the one that is caramel with cream, loads of sugar and milk and probably has a gazillion calories :D



somebody shrink me
Costa coffe, caramelatte.... mmmmmmmmm!!!!

(with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top :eek: slap my wrist!!)


Needs to stick to it!!!
Oh yah i have to second Caramel Macchiato...oh yum...what i wouldnt do for one of those right now..........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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