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Started and failed

How much did you cheat? If your that adamant on doing it just forget what you did and continue with it and hopefully you'll still lose quite a bit of weight and they won't notice because everyone loses differently but if you cheat anymore they probably will x
Ummm pretty bad I guess. But as I said dunno why because I wasn't hungry. Maybe I needed one mistake to know that I do really wanna do it. I'm starting again today and I will be stronger this time round. Thanks for replying x


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The pharmacist probably won't notice but if she/he does notice just say it's the time of the month

Put it behind you without any negative thoughts and get back on the straight and narrow. Don't beat yourself up about it. It's water under the bridge
It's a horrible feeling to lapse. I must admit, I've emptied the house of all food, and I think only this has got me through the hard days (along with the fact that I live 5 miles from the nearest shop - does help!) It must be so difficult if there are others in the house who require normal food, but just keep imagining trying on those trousers that are always just too snug and finding they are loose, and after a really short time! Step by step...


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Don't panic, just start afresh. The first week is so hard, try to find the strength to push through! You can do it, it's only a measly little week and I promise it gets easier to deal with.

Check out some diaries, you will see that you're not alone, don't make this the excuse to fall off completely, don't regret not giving this your all. You will get literally tonnes of support here, stick with us and get that determination back! Good luck xxx

paulaj you have given me the determination to keep going .i have just finished day one of lipotrim and i am feeling pretty hungry .you seem soo positive , i just want the hunger to subside a bit . know it early days but thanks guys. reading this has helped me not go to the fridge cause i read of soo many suceeding .... i want to be one of them.


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lol thanks and good for you! I didn't think I'd make it past day 1 let alone week 1. I'm not sure where the positivity comes from but you need it! I spent a lot of time focussing on my goals, I wrote everything down and sorted my head out before I started, I decided (properly) that I was going to do this and if you can get into that frame of mind you can do it. I need LT to get me where I want to be because nothing else I've tried has worked. I don't want to cheat, I'll feel like I've let all of you down and more frustratingly myself! Oh and this is the first and LAST time I ever want to do this!!

Come on, lets do it together! You absolutely can be one of the successes, don't let me down :D xx

P.S. Sorry about my cheesy-ness I can't help it! :giggle:
How are u feeling now JoJo? Put it behind you and keep going.

Anytime you feel hungry make yourself a cup of tea or black coffee. That's what I do - it works better for me rather than just drinking more water.

Keep at it... the more you go and get weighed and see the weight dropping off, the more motivated and determined you will become :) x


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hey jojo how are you feeling? hope you got right back on the horse, everybody makes mistakes, what really sets aside you from anyone else is your determination to do this.. get back on board and youll fly throguh it. You can do this you know you can! good luck xx
Hi guys , realised why I ate . Got my periods the very next day. Didn't restart as I decided to go to a different chemist closer to home so I'm starting again 2moro (Thursday). my life has been on hold for so long because of my weight and I miss being me..I feel like a different person. Like I'm wearing a fat suit everyday and it upsets me every minute of my "life" its breaking my heart YET i can't find my
Motivation.. You would think being so unhappy would given the push but it hasn't and I don't know why. Wow I am so pathetic . I am so fed up.


addicted to minimins!!
the time will come when your motivation kicks in. and it will literally come from nowhere and you will suddenly be ready to do this! for the time being your just going to have to tough it out with willpower...:) you know you want this...and you know you can do this! good luck x


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Yeah, how are you getting on? x

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