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STARTED CD TODAY!!Need some support :-)

Hi everyone!

My names Stacey,I'm 23, 5' 5" and weigh 14stone 12pounds!

I went to see my CD counsellor this morning and have started the diet today! I am starting on SS as I have 4 stone to lose so I need to start off pretty hardcore! lol. My counsellor has given me a box of shakes and 4 porridges. I had a chocolate shake at lunch and thought it was quite nice (although I had a bit of a mishap with the blender and spilt a bit of it!). I'm already hungry and I haven't even had the 2nd shake yet! My counsellor said that it will be about 3-4 days until the hunger wears off :wave_cry: I get so moody when I'm hunrgy, so I feel sorry for my boyfriend cos I know I'm going to be stroppy for the next few days. Luckily I'm off work for this week, so the first few days I'm on the diet I will be at home which might make it a bit easier because im always surrounded by food at work! Anyway, I'll keep a track of my progress on here...Im getting married in July next year and need to lose at least 3-4 stone, so I've set my goal as 10st 12lbs. Any advice/support would be great? I can already tell this is going to be so tough!

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Hey hun,

Well done you forjoining CD! It is tough but from all the success stories you can see its so worth it!! Keep drinking the water i find it helps with the hunger x Good luck x
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Hang in there. You will be amazed at how quick the weight will come off and that will really encourage you to stick with it. I know its hard but cambridge is amazing.
Hey. Thanks for the replies- its great to have some support already :)
I was sooo hungry this afternoon and kept thinking of all the foods could eat! I've just had my apple+cinnamon porridge for dinner (wierd havin porridge at dinner time!), it wasn't very nice to be honest but it filled me up so thats all that matters! My CDC didnt give me any soups and I wish I had asked for them now, cos I'm not sure I'm going to like all of the shakes that much, I need to have something hot!

I'll let you know how the next couple of days go, fingers crossed it will be ok, but I think Im going to realllyyy struggle!


taking control (again)
try having some shakes warm too.!!??
Yes, any of the chocolate ones or the cappuccino. Not with boiling water though, or you'll lose most of the nutrients. Just warm enough to drink.

Another thing I would recomment is try everything and work out what you do and don't like.


going to do it!!!!
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hi stace
i started yesterday as well ive done it before and it does work and it is worth the hard work and effort. you will be fine honestly and you wont feel hungry after about 3 days. like the others have said drink lots of water to fill you up it does work. another incentive to stick with it is you will see the weight dropping off so quickly and it will keep you motivated.
keep picturing your wedding dress next year and how lovely you will feel in it. im wanting to lose 3 stone for next july also as im off on holiday to florida and dont want to be hot and sweaty lol
hope you finding today easier and tomorrow will be easier again:)
could you not get in touch with your cdc and ask if you could swao some of your shakes for soups?? i got soup on wed night and as i hadnt had it befoer asked cdc if i would be able to swap if i didnt like it and she said it wouldnt be a problem give it a try.
have a good day today and just keep thinking of the end results
Jo xx

Thanks soo much for your support and advice ladies! It really helps to keep me motivated! Well day two has been pretty darn hard to be honest! I've been SO hungry all day and I just keep craving all different foods, I keep picturing foods in my head and then I can imagine myself eating them!haha.

Jo- My CDC is away for the weekend but she is back on Sunday night and said she would drop round my 'yellow book' (not sure what it is but she didnt have any when I first saw her?!) ....So I think I'll ask her to bring me some soups to swap. Do you know what flavours they come in and if they taste any good?

For some reason, I find the shakes quite nice when I'm drinking them but I have to really force myself to drink them and then I feel a bit sick afterwards? Has anyone else had that with the shakes? Iv got the apple+cinnamon porridge which I find a bit easier to have, but the shakes I find a bit sickly, so I dont think I will be able to have them all the time, I will definitely need to try everything!

How much did you all lose in your first week or two?



needs a real kick in the
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hi hope your doing ok on day 3, i lost 9lb in first week im 5ft 4 and was nearly 17st to start with, i lost 5st in 17 weeks. then i didnt come up plan properly and had a 2 month break and gained over a stone,
you will loose around 7-14lb in first week. and probably be at your goal by march easily if you stick to it. you feel in control soon im sure. measure yourself this week also this will be interesting.
try to only weigh on the correct days, i now have to get o/h to hide scales in attic and let me have them on a saturday only lol. good luck you will be stunning for your wedding. take some pics now also, i forgot and wished i had something to look back at xxxx


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Welcome XSX,

I hope all is going well with you so far. If you are cold, try having some tea or coffee with tablet sweetners. It does get easier.

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Hey!! How did your first week go? How much did u lose? Im in day 3 and have stuck to it fully at all :( but tomorrow is another day and a new day to make a differance :)
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Good luck ! :welcome:

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