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Started July 4th


Sakora Princess Warrior
I am 29, 5ft 6 mother of 2 and currently training in a pharmacy. I have always fluctuated alot with my weight between a size 12-14 but in 2006 I went up to a size 16 and then later fell pregnant I tried lipotrim a year later but could never stomach the third shake (projectile vomit every time) and so gave up after 5 days having lost 7lbs. After having my last son in 2009 I never lost any of my pregnancy weight. I found out I had a thyroid condition and some medical issues that was how I wasnt loosing weight. After being told I no longer have a thyroid problem feeling well for the first time in about 2 years and noticing my weight dropping I decided to give it another go, especially as I am training in a pharmacy too now and not home all day.

So I started on the 4th at 16st 9 and have lost 11lbs already. I am actually enjoying the shakes this time around. Day 2 I found hard but I bought myself some nice coffee and leaf teas and found this satisfied my taste buds. Yesterday too I had a bit of craving for my sons nutella sandwich but I just keep asking myself "am I hungry" and well I am not and so I manage to pull through bottle of water in hand.

I would love to loose 80lbs and be 11st again. Would be great to have a few friends here to help me along the way :)

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Hi I'm on day 4 and need to loose 5stone , wow u have done great so far congratulations that is brill can't believe 11lb what else u doing wish I had that much off , I myself would like to have a few friends to get support have to say every one has being great here
Hi Sakora and skinny,

Im looking to lose 5 stone also, I started on 100% Lipotrim on the 4th too.

It does seem to be getting a bit easier for me.

I am going on holiday in a few weeks but I am taking my Lipotrim with me, I think I can still have a good time and be on this diet, right ? lol I hope so anyway.

Good luck ladies, keep in touch on here, I think this place really helps xxx Jelly


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Hi all
I'm on day 27, have lost 16.5lbs and have about 2 stone to go. Generally now I'm well in the swing of things but some days are still really hard. I find peoples attitude towards this diet one of the hardest things to cope with, people seem convinced its unhealthy without knowing anything about it. Support on here has been fab, people without weight issues can't understand and everyone on here does.
Good luck with it and use this forum whenever things get tough.
Best of luck on hols, image how gorgeous you will feel sunkissed, refreshed and several pounds lighter!x
I also have 5 stone to lose but I'm one down already 1/5 complete just like that ha love it when I think about it in percentages 20% completed lol
Oh my start weight was 14 st I'm only 5ft2 my bmi was 36 I have four children the youngest being 3 the most I weighed at the end of all of my pregnances was 12.7st. I used to think I was fat at 9.7 stone what a puppet I was. I don't feel like the person everyone sees that's why if I see a photo of myself it's quite shocking.


Sakora Princess Warrior
So glad to meet you all. please do keep posting or if anyone wants to exchange email even that might be easier. But please everyone keep posting here. Its Saturday night I bought myself STRONG COFFEE and candrel to keep me happy. Kids and us having a movie night so lots of goodies to be had. But proud I haven't even licked my fingers. I am starting to look at food as a thing just a lifeless object. I am also trying to collect recipes that I can make after I reach my goal to keep me trim and the family healthy.

Skinny Dreamer... I think my weight loss is so much in first week because my metabolism is jsut starting to work again. With my thyroid condition it stops working efficiently that is why I hadnt bothered to do the diet before now. At size 16 I refused to buy bigger clothes.... by size 18 I had no choice or look like a tramp. Getting the right clothes makes you feel better too. I cant wait to fit into my old jeans. Jeans are one thing I have not bought since my weight gain. I live in Leggings!

So Lets do it together guys! We all seem to have the same weight goal ect. I look forward to getting to know you all better. Lets make the people see what we want them to see in us :) x
Im with you Sakora,

We can call ourselves the 5 stone gang lol
Today has been good for me, the cravings are definitely less today.
I was lucky tonight because my partner made the kids their dinner, he is very supportive and on Thursday night (our normal chippy night) he got his chippy meal and ate it in the car, awww must have looked like a right loon but a thoughtful one haha
Good luck over the weekend ladies of the 5 stone gang lol xxx Jelly
hi sorry to butt in but what diet are you all doing and how does it work just you all seem to be losing the weight i admire


Sakora Princess Warrior
hi sorry to butt in but what diet are you all doing and how does it work just you all seem to be losing the weight i admire
This is the lipotrim total food replacement forum Louise.... and we are the 5 stone gang hehe :) If your interested louise go to lipotrim.com to find out all you need about the diet. there is a 40 min video in that to explain what it is where to find it and how it works :)
Hi Louise,
It's called Lipotrim, I am on 2 shakes and 1 soup per day and drinking lots of water

in between.

I think there are cereal bars that you can get but I haven't tried them yet.

It's a hard diet to do, especially at the first 3 days but I'm on day 6 and it is getting easier.

Hope this helps darl xxx Jelly


Sakora Princess Warrior
So what methods are ye guys using?

I have been taking 3 shakes...
I take a vanilla in the morning about 10.30
strawberry in the afternoon around 2
chocolate in the evening about 7.

Have not tried the soup but may do in the future...

I drink at least 2 litres of water a day plus coffee and leaf teas. I have found as I am a coffeeholic buying nice coffees as treats helps and I use a candrel sweetner if I feel the need. Also I love a green mint tea in the morning to freshen me up. I also got a free packet of breath strips from lipotrim which are great cos I am sure my breath isnt as fresh as it would normally be even after brushing :( To be honest I hadnt originally planned to do tfr for too long but I am so impresed with how quickly it is dropping and that I seem to be pretty strong willed this time. So now I have a real goal. I turn 30 in September and it really would be a lovely gift to myself to be able to buy a size 12 jeans again. :)
wow well done guys this is why i love coming on here even though i havnt started tfr yet just reading all your posts makes me very excited to start keep up the good work
I am using 2 chicken soups and a chocolate shake per day.

I don't start my Lipo till about 4pm though, my hunger is always at night and I know that I have to start taking the soups earlier each day so I am eating at the "right" time but it's difficult. I got to this massive weight by eating at night so I need to stop taking the Lipo at night - I think!!

I am going to my first weigh in tonight - I will let you know how I get on - I think I have lost a bit though cos my rings are moving on my fingers and normally they don't lol

Hope you all had a fab weekend xxx Jelly


Sakora Princess Warrior
My first week weigh in was today and I lost 15lbs!!!! woohoooooo

I hear ys on the night time eating only I jsut eat all day long lol... I got to start figuring out how to eat healthier and less.
wow thats amazing well done would you say getting through the 1st week was hard but worth it? well done again


Sakora Princess Warrior
wow thats amazing well done would you say getting through the 1st week was hard but worth it? well done again
Honestly I didnt find it as hard as I expected. I didnt suffer any bad side effects or anything. Hard thing was just to say no to oneself and reminding oneself that you are full and not hungry. Ketosis and the shakes make sure you dont feel hungry. And lots of water in between. Hardest thing for me is to leave behind the food I have been having an affair with for so long but I know its for the best :) 4 more stone to go!

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