Started LL yesterday!


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Hi Jenna,

Thanks for replying!

I am doing okay. The food packs taste better than I'd expected! I bought a hand blender which made a difference! Fortunately, I like all of 5 flavours I chose, my favourite is chocolate which I drink it hot before bedtime.

I didn't think that drinking 4 litres of water would be very hard because I used to drink a lot of water throughout pregnancy (my baby is now 2 years old). I like the taste of water but I'm trying to drink more than 4 litres!

I try not to think about tomorrow or the next 100 days. Just taking a day at a time.

By the way, I hear about hair loss while on LL, is it true? Is there anything I can do to prevent that?


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hi there im finding the water intake so hard. cant stop going to the loo he he.

re. packs ur right, not as bad as i thought.

hair loss? oh my idea about that...



Loves VLCD's !
Hi cheerydino,
Good Luck, i am sure you will find it great ! I have lost 5 and a half stone on LL and am loving it ! I have found all the stuff we covered in classes really useful and I haven't broken the diet at all, even over Xmas. have been really motivated on it, not sure why but I hope it does the same for you !


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Congratulations on taking the plunge :D A lady that started the same time as me lost nearly 5 stone in her foundation period!

Never notice any problems with my hair but then it's thin to start with!


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Welcome Cheerydino, Jenna113, and Treefrog to the forum - it's great to meet new LLers!

I've been doing LL since August and started Management a couple of weeks ago. I've lost nearly 7 stone to date.

Like Magikme I stayed on the programme over Christmas too, it was fine and I am reaping the benefits now!

Hair loss - I've had a bit recently, but frankly it is a side effect I am prepared to accept because I know that it is a short-term side effect and not everyone has it. Besides, the benefits of doing LL far outweigh the negative bits.

I like your philosophy of taking things one day at a time Cheerydino, you can't go wrong with that attitude!

Hia Carrot-tit, how are things?


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Thanks Amandajayne! Feeling very positive about losing seven stone with LL, started today and the food packs have been fine so far. The water drinking is a bit tough though, not used to going to the toilet so often!


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I have had some hair loss but it grows back better than before.

Not everyone gets hair loss!

I would not worry about it.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Cherry, treefrog, jenna, how are you all doing so far?


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Yes, welcome to the world of LL. After the first few days (when sheer willpower got me through) it gets so much easier when you are in ketosis - and the results make it all so worthwhile. You will learn a lot about yourself and that for me has been the reason why LL works for me. Good luck on your journey and keep strong.


Starting LL hopefully on 15.2

Hi there, I went to my first meeting tonight, start tomorrow. Apparently your hair can thin, but it's not serious or permanent.

I'm blogging this on Eat Less Flies! if anyone is interested... :)

Hi Treefrog
i'm reading your blog with interest. I'm a new teacher and hoping to start LL on Thursday 15th if there are enough in the group. I'm doing some CD shakes this week to get into the zone.
Really want to lose at least 2 stone.
Good luck!


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Hiya there!

Well, I am on day 6 and I feel fine which is good. I noticed the difference on day 5 in terms of energy. I can hardly believe that it is nearly a week since I started. I must admit that I felt a bit negative earlier about 100 days without eating a thing. My husband was cooking his own dinner so I felt a tad bit discouraged but I really want to succeed.

I constantly remind myself to just take it one day at a time.

My husband is encouraging me that I will succeed. He believes that it will work for me. He thinks I am doing great.

My first weigh-in is tomorrow, I can't wait!!! I was tempted to weigh myself at home this morning but I didn't give in. I just wanted to be surprised tomorrow!

I so hope that I will stick with LL to the end. My biggest fear is putting all the weight back on even after maintenance.

I worry about missing out something crucial during group counselling. I felt a bit left out when the women in the group talked about themselves and what they'd learned. They heard what I said but I didn't get what they said - so I missed out on that. I knew that would happen....

I am glad to have found this forum as reading your posts keep me going.


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I have the same fear as you, I am actually really worried about having to eat again, how insane in that?
Could you ask your counsellor to write down the key points for you,or ask if she'll get the group to rotate the key point taking, it seems hugely unfair that you aren't benefitting from the group support
remember to let us all know how you get on tomorrow, bet it's fab!


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Quote:"I worry about missing out something crucial during group counselling. I felt a bit left out when the women in the group talked about themselves and what they'd learned. They heard what I said but I didn't get what they said - so I missed out on that. I knew that would happen...."

Hia Cheery!

Do you do lip-reading Cheery? If so, can you ask the other members to face you and speak clearly so you can 'hear' what they say. Speaking as a hearing person, I don't appreciate the problems deaf people have in social or group situations. Alternatively, is it possible you have have someone with you who hears and signs too. They can relay the gist of the conversations back to you.

The best advice is to stick with us here on Minis, you just need to be able to read! There is a lot of experience and advice whenever you want it 24 hours a day!

Quote: "My first weigh-in is tomorrow, I can't wait!!!"

Good luck for tomorrow, Cheery!


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Thanks, nice to know someone is reading it! :) I made some crackers today by microwaving the Thai chilli soup, which was great- so nice to chew and eat something! I can already feel my clothes becoming looser which is great.


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I like the chilli crisps too!

Cheery, I agree with the idea of asking someone to take notes for you, I would be happy to do it if someone in my class had hearing problems, most people would be happy to help if they knew what was going to help.

Perhaps discuss it with your counsellor. maybe you could record the sessions and have your husband translate for you later, but there maybe someone in your group that may not be comfortable with that, wouldn't bother me but you never know!

Best of luck to everyone anyway!