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Started Today!

Is 5lb a week achievable when doing Lite and working out?

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Starting today everyone! Two shakes in and I am feeling ok. I have had quite a lot of black coffee but I think that I will start to reduce that after a few days - trying to avoid feeling very tired!

I am in the process of setting some goals and I have read some of the posts on hear and been speaking to a few other people who have done Lighter Life Lite and was wondering whether or not an aim of 5lbs a week weight loss is achievable? I am working out with a Personal Trainer at the Gym 5 days a week and obviously will be sticking to Lighter Life. I'm sure I will find out with time - but was just wondering whether or not people that have done Lite think its achievable?

Already had 2 litres of water - and probably will drink about another litre as I have always got through a lot of water.
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I'm not sure, since the body is not a machine. You have to remember there is no 'guaranteed' amount of weight you WILL lose per week. One week you may lose 3, next week you may lose 6, another week just 1. It depends on how your body is feeling, what you've been doing, how much water your body is retaining and taking in. Even factors such as stress and lack of sleep play a big part in weight loss.
Other things such as genetical predisposition can also play a role - some people naturally shed weight more easily than others. Also, are you male or female? Men lose weight more quickly because the calories they need per day are higher, therefore the 'deficit' will also be larger.

At your current weight, the weight loss will be quite high per week because it takes more energy to move a heavier mass, but as you shed the weight, the energy required to do so also diminishes, so the losses may slow down. Also, with exercise - at first, you may experience 'muscle tearing' from the exercise - your body may retain water to repair the muscle. You may also want to increase your water per day if you're doing much exercise.

:) Either way, have fun and good luck. Don't over do it - and also don't have expectations that are too through the roof! 5lbs per week is actually A LOT - if we're talking pure fat burning - you'd have to have a deficit of 17'500 calories per week!! (1 lb of fat = 3,500).

So be realistic. ;) That's the key to success!
Hi there, just a note of caution... you're energy levels will more than likely be quite depleted in the first week as your body adapts to reduced carbs. I would also explain to your PT (if you havent already) as they may wish to vary your programme accordingly in relation to reduced carbs and low calories. I am a keen exerciser too and have found in the past that it has played havoc with my appetite while on Lighterlife Lite but thats cos I was being stupid and trying to do too much. Very much finding the balance that works for you but defo let your PT know you're on Lighter Life Lite. I actually find LLL easier to stick to if I dont go to the gym?! Good luck and let me know how you get on. Useful to have someone else to talk to who also goes to the gym. I regularly see a PT in the gym too but he just monitors my lean mass and bodyfat levels and talks LLL and training with me. I've completely changed my programme with minimal weights and 60 mins fat burn cv in a session but even finding that there's an imbalance there too. Sorry, rambling on here. Laters for now :)


...we're sinking deeper.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who's found that going to the gym is really problematic on Lite...! I just don't have the energy to keep up the cardio. Before the diet I was able to push 2 hours of quite intense resistances 3 times per week, but now, 30 mins and I'm ready to call it quits!
Even stupid stuff like housework or walking for more than 3-4 hours is extremely exhausting.

Maybe I'll try going to some exercise classes, doesn't hurt to give them a go. :)
I am quite concerned about this, I am a nurse on a very hectic ward and am due to start food packs tomorrow, hope I don't run out of energy.


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Hiya, I am not on Lite yet, but the others I have spoken too and on the Total forum have found the energy levels drop for a couple of days, then ketosis kicks in and the energy levels pick up to more than before. I suggest you don't increase your exercise for a couple of weeks till your body has acclimatised.

Good luck!
loving it

i have now hit my wedding goal of two stone 3 pounds and feel amazing girls dont quit this its the best thing i ever did. going in for my wedding dress fitting and being tiny in my old sized dress was the best feeling i could have run into the road into my pants. its hard sometimes but keep your eye on the prize i am so pleased i did this... the daily struggle is so worth it
HI Deborahgater,...That's fantastic, what a great feeling! when is your wedding?. I have just completed my first week of LLL, and have lost 7lbs, only another 30 to go!! :sigh: How long did it take to loose your weight? My head is in the game this time (at the moment), I lost 5 1/2 stone on total in 2008,but this 2 1/2 stone slowly crept on.

Have you any tips or meal ideas to make life easier? ;)


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Deborahgater said:
i have now hit my wedding goal of two stone 3 pounds and feel amazing girls dont quit this its the best thing i ever did. going in for my wedding dress fitting and being tiny in my old sized dress was the best feeling i could have run into the road into my pants. its hard sometimes but keep your eye on the prize i am so pleased i did this... the daily struggle is so worth it
Brilliant, you've made your goal!! How exciting, we will need piccies ofvthe day!
Good luck
Your weight loss is inspirational! In 6 months,you have lost all of that? I decided that although I have way in excess of 3 stone to lose,the "lite" system would suit me better,as I spend a lot of time away from home,and part of that is the social aspect. If I can eat an evening meal with my friends/colleagues then I don't feel such a social pariah! Have you found it ok to stick to?
so right about the gym/ doing lots of excercise making lite harder to stick to, I honestly wonder if I'd shed more doing very little exercise and eating leaner meals as I'd feel less hungry, I walk with my son or my dog for 40mins a day nevertheless. I've lost 17lbs since starting Sept 1st, lost 6lbs first week and then it's been a steady 2 per week since, second and third week I may have lost 3lbs each week... I have 30lbs to go before I reach my goal, I'm really hoping to be down thirty between now and Christmas..which gives me 12 weeks from today, 2lbs loss per week I'll be down 24lbs...at 2.5lbs loss per week I'll be down 30lbs I need! Not sure if I can do more than 2lbs a week though we'll see, after the initial big weight loss in the first 1-3 weeks I'd be very surprised if I lost 3lbs in a week, I don't think it's possible to loose more than 3lbs per week without eating too little (after the initial first 3 weeks).
I would imagine for most people it is next to impossible to noticeably accelerate weight-loss with working out, because as you build muscle (as you inevitably will, particularly on a low-carb diet) you will gain mass, which although is not fat, it will weigh more than fat on the scales! However, building muscle is great because muscle burns fat too, plus it tones you. I think what I found worked best way focussing on toning and stretching exercises rather than cardio! Hope this helps!