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Starting again tomorrow - help!!!

Hey all

It's been a few weeks since I last posted, I have been off the wagon, thinking I could stick to ww or sw and lose weight whilst eating - but I am a greedy gannett!!!! I can't leave food alone, even whilst eating I am regretting it, so I am going back on exante tomorrow morning. I have aprox 1 stone to lose now (will weigh in in the morning) after losing 2 stone already.

I need lots of encouragement guys, I am sick of faffing around, when is enough enough?????

I have a choice I guess, I could be slim in one months time or I can carry on this way and put most of the weight I have lost back on, one way or another time is ticking by....

Help me please, give me some words of wisdom and help me to snap out of my stupour.....

Sammylou xxxx
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Hi hun sorry to hear healthy eating hasnt been easy. I think for you the most important thing to need to do this time around is concentrate on why you eat? Goin on a tfr diet is not only about losing weight its about changing your prospective on food and eating. You are feeling guilty but still eating! i was so like you but on lipotrim i decided to totally change my perspective or it wudnt work. Maybe you didnt do that! temptation will always be dere its a fact of life but hopefully this time around you will gain the skills necessary to stop eating because of boredom, emotional eating etc you will eat for fuel!

Good luck im sure you will do brilliant again!
I am the same, I stuff my face and feel guilty, I even scoff food when no one is there, as though if no one can see me it wont matter!! TFR is only way for me! good luck x
I used to think that if no1 saw me eating them the calories didnt count! Good Luck sammylou...we are all here to help each other along the way!
Sorry to hear you're struggling!

I know personally I want to lose weight on LT until I'm absolutely happy with where I am, but that's just a personal preference & after several months on it, another doesn't seem that much. However, now you're eating food, it's probably wise to try to address your issues with food & lose the last stone eating, as you'll have to eat for the rest of your life once you've shifted the weight, right?

Have you managed to identify what triggers your eating? Perhaps you could try writing a food diary & also using this to jot down at what points you wanted to eat & why. I know it seems simple, but what I've found great about LT is that knowing I can't eat food means I recognise all the non-hunger related reasons I'm inclined to eat (like today when I was tired, I would have killed for some chips - I don't even like chips).

Good luck with whatever you decide to do - TFR is a good way to stop any damage you are doing & have a real look at why you're doing it.

Be brave and remember you are not alone!

Just take everything one day at a time. Find a picture of yourself that you hate and vow that your going to promise the person looking at you that "Now is the time for change!"

We all believe in you dont we guys!?!?

See :D

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