Starting again tomorrow



I am back off holiday today and I am planning to restart CD tomorrow. I had originally planned to restart on Sunday, but suprisingly I have found that I actually want to start tomorrow I am hoping that it won't be too awful starting again!!

I had lost 5 stone before my holiday, I won't know how much I have regained until I weigh myself in the morning, but I made sensible choices about 75% of the time on holiday, which I was pleased with. I know that I have put a little o though, I can tell from my clothes.

My question is, what sort of weight loss can I expect in the 1st week back on CD? I am going to count it as week 15 though, I'm not sure I could face starting at week 1 again!

Any advice on how to deal with a restart would be appreciated

Just take it one day at a time dee..If you find going straight onto ss hard, start from one of the higher programs and work your way down... Good luck!! Looking forward to hearing about your first week loss.

P.S.. Your first week loss this time round may not be as huge as the first loss you got when you initially started but it will still be a good loss :)
Good luck for your restart. If you didn't eat a lot of carbs on your holiday, your glycogen store may not have 'refilled' so you might not have a HUGE loss your first week. Hope all goes well whether you dive straight back into SS or slide into it gently :)
Well done for doing 75% of good stuff on holiday, that is a major achievement in itself!

good luck with your first week, looking forward to seeing how well you do.

congrats on loosing 5 stone too, that is fantastic!
Morning Deej

Wishing you all the best for your restart....and congrats on having a successful holiday too! :)
Good luck with your fisrt day Dee. The hardest bit is deciding to get on and do it, so hopefully your day will fly by and you will soon be back in the swing!
Thanks very much for the words of encouragement everyone.

So far so good, I have been too busy washing the holiday clothes and unpacking to think too much about eating. I am hoping the carb withdrawal won't be too bad this time as I was relatively sensible with what I ate (although not all the time!!)

I will keep you posted on how it is going!

I did give myself an additional incentive, I bought 3 pairs of designer (fake) jeans that I can't get into, with the intention of them fitting perfectly in about another 1 1/2 stone time! It would be such a waste if I didn't get back to the diet and get rid of the last 2 stone.

Just to update, I didn't restart yesterday! We flew home on a night flight and I was absolutely shattered yesterday and just couldn't face it.

I am back on SS today though and so far so good. I am not seeing my CDC until a week tomorrow, so I hope to have undone any damage from my holiday by then. I am also hoping that she has some of the new bars so that I can try them. Has anyone had them, what do you think?

Firstly, well done Dawn - 5 stone and 75% good choices!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :D

Any gain will be off in no time!

I have tried the new bars. I like peanuts, but find the bar odd. It is soft and chewy with a bit of crunch in some places but teeth breakingly hard in others so be careful. Taste wise - nice

The Cranberry bar is lush! I don't like cranberries that much, but they work well in the bar. I'm sure others will have dif. opinions, but my fav. is the cranberry!
Just to update, I am starting day 4 of the restart and so far so good. I didn't have any of the carb withdrawal headaches and tiredness that I had first time around so that was a relief.

I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 7lbs of the 11 that I put on over my holiday, so I am realy pleased. Hopefully by the end of this first week I will be almost back to where I started and I can get on with shifting the last 2 stone.

Hope everyone is doing well.