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Starting Atkins Now

Hi Tony and welcome, have a quick look at my "So you're thinking of starting Atkins" Thread on the stickies above, you could even cut and paste some of it as a shopping list. Basically look for as many green leaqf veggies you can find, Spinach, green cabbage, endive, chicory, broccolli, Pak Cho, Bok Choi, lettuce, the list is almost endless.

PS are you a bloke Tony or a girl Tony?
Ah i didn't see the sticky's , silly me , and im a bloke i just pasted a bit of the shopping list in the general discussion bit , since most people where browsing over there.

Salmon x 4
Tuna steaks x 4
Lamb Steaks x 4
Pork Loins x4
Streaky Unsmoked Bacon x12 Strips
Mixed Stir fry vegetables x3
Peppers Red Yellow green x3

Im not to sure about quantity's with the meats though hmm
Oh and i have a question , i know everyone's body's are different , but do you really loose 15 pounds every 2 weeks on this diet , im still finding it hard to believe now.
TonyR, are things looking up?
I will keep watch over your progress. I have heard so much both positive and negative responses about the diet, but I’m thinking to try myself to see the result.
Mixed Stir fry vegetables x3
Peppers Red Yellow green x3
Not that good a choice mate.

I certainly lost a couple of stone in the first month on induction, but I had a lot to lose. after that most weeks I lost a couple of pounds, and like Laura, that suited me.
Welcome Tony!

You will probably lose a lot during Induction because you are losing mostly water, with a little fat. After that you are losing fat itself. The rate of loss varies from person to person but 1-3 pounds a week is a good estimate. And all the time you will eat well! And never be hungry.

Fantastic! Good luck.
Well im eating correctly , eating the correct amounts , only drinking water , i think im slowly feeling better , i was a bit iffy at first, this sort of lifestyle change is huge , and i mean massive , coming from someone who only eats takeaways and only drinks redbull , its going to be like detoxing.

But im sticking to it , its only been about 2 days , and im feeling the pressure with all this already.

I just hope i cant last.
Be strong, once the first few days are out the way it gets easier, trust me.
Hi Tony - You are probably going to feel crap cos you are like you say detoxing from sugar and caffeine. Get the first week over and you will feel amazing more energy, not hungry and you will feel lighter. Till then the headache and general groggy feeling is normal

Good Luck

The first week is the crunch Tony, you can do it mate, and you are right, it's a massive lifestyle change. Hang in there.
That crap feeling lasted 2 weeks for me Tony.... but I sleep like I have never slept before..... it's much more energising and I don't have brain fog either now (that I didn't even know I had lol)
Stick with it and you won't regret it..... I never knew dieting could be so easy!!!
LOL yes brain fog, I used to struggle to stay awake in the afternoon prior to Atkins. :)

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