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starting atkins

Hi and welcome. Give it a go as its a good diet. I am on day 9 and really enjoying it and haven't felt hungry at all. I lost 6lbs in my first week so really it shouldn't take you long to lose a stone.

Good luck

yum yum just had bacon egg and mushrooms well done jools can you give me some of your daily menus for ideas thanks
Jo go and look at my post on "My Atkins Breakfast" :D
oooooooo Jims brekkies look delicious!

Kippers are nice too for a change. Or I have sausage & egg, bacon & egg or scrambled eggs with cheese on top!

Lunch for me is always either tuna or prawns with mayo and tea is always meat with veggies - I love savoy cabbage so I woill have that with either chicken breast or pork chops or steak. Hope that helps!

well first day done and can honestly say not been bad had bacon egg and mush for brekkie come dinner,then for tea had a salad with a 100% burger there was 2 carbs in it a bit of cheeses and a bit of mayo and not at all hungry and thats saying something for me usually hungry when dieting roll on tommorrow lol
I sort of answered that on another thread, yes we are conditioned to believe that you can't be on a diet if your not hungry Jo.

I love Atkins, haven't gone hungry for 8 years. :D


Wannabe Lean!!!
I love my buttery leeks with cheese on poured over grilled chicken breast, thats one of my favourites. And my newly discovered creamy mustard mushroom sauce over steak :)
That's given me an idea, how about a "What are we eating today thread?", might even help some of the newbies? I'll go and start one.


Wannabe Lean!!!
It is mate, I'v never eaten so well or as much of what I really love, any diet that lets me have butter and real olive oil is one I'm on for life! LOL
Hi guys, well ive done 2 wks of Cambridge SS & lost 11lbs,:D had a wk off work and did atkins lost 2.5lbs.:)
I'm into my 4th week of dieting now and still kind of sticking with atkins.
I dont really eat much during the day so im having a cambridge soup, still drinking lots of water also.
Im not sure if I will lose any weight, but i just cant get my head back to doing the cambridge SS.
I feel so much better in myself for being on a low carb diet, as i suffer with IBS and not eating bread, pasta, cereal etc has really helped.
Im going to weigh myself again on friday and see if i have lost anything this week? :confused::fingerscrossed:
Im just dying to see the scales read 9st... wot ever, just seeing that Number 9 will be fantastic.
Just wanted to share this info with you guys out there.
Any comments will be much appreciated:blahblah:
I dont really eat much during the day so im having a cambridge soup,
I think you should eat during the day Kim, it's important that your body doesn't go into starvation mode, as this will cause it to hang on to every ounce of fat it can.

My best days are
1. A large breakfast, and I mean large, you should check out the photo's.
2. A reasonable lunch.
3. A small but satisfying Dinner.
Thank Jim, im at work at the moment so think i will pop down to the canteen and get me a couple of sausages and fried egg for my breakfast.
That's better than not eating Kim, the sausages will have some carbs though, remember that. Bacon egg and mushrooms might be better. :)


Alway see the love x
Hi Kimbo68.
Im also on C/D ss 3rd week, lost 13 pounds and have been looking into doin Atkins as an add on meal/full time....... Ive been given some top advice on here so your in very safe hands.
I Also want to get to 9 stone (doesnt that look good, 9 stone)

I will look out for your post on friday, hope it goes well. My weigh-in day in Wednesday...

Good luck hunni

Woof X


Wannabe Lean!!!
Kimbo68, you sound just like me and I'm from near Wolvo too :) I did Cambridge SS but once you've come off its hell to get back into, then I decided to try atkins and its soooooooooo yummy and belly-filling I haven't looked back. This is my 3rd week :)

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