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Starting back - last time!!!

Well I'm here to loose that last bit before big family party at end of November. I've not seen a lot of people since nearly 15 stone, will see them next at 10 stone!!

Have re-started and failed before though, but am so motivated at the moment not to fail, I've been seriously thinking how to keep the motivation going this time round.

A daily visit is a must to this site, loose focuss for me means a fall in the few days that follow. So I'm starting a thread to add a daily message to keep my focuss!

Would love imput now or in the future from everyone. I enjoy reading posts as much as I need to write them, so any babble you have, much appreciated.

Here I go..........
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well day 2 - and have been good all day but this my motivation has decressed a bit. Still going for it though. I have a green tea on the go and have my exercises this am so just trying to stay positive.

Have had a few comments on how good I'm looking recently which is really nice, wish my head would catch up a bit and I felt a bit more confident in myself. Think once I loose a few lbs that may come.

How is everyone today?
Ok - its that time of the day again and I'm struggling. My head is saying, is this worth it. I'm freezing and feeling a bit low. I've searching the atkins diet website and had to pull myself back to reality and stick to what I know works for me.

Its just so hard and lots of obsticles in the way today could have caved as I served paste to the kids.

Any words of encouragement anyone??


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hi you seem to be doing really well stick with it, I'll join you I keep restarting cheating restarting etc and have been for months, so could do wtih some support myself, just need to get back into the groove
Hey Trisha, well its a good thing I did come on here for a quick rant and to have a read to gain some more motivation.
I sat and read someones diary from the begining and its really inspired me (re-starter also)
comments like - Day 20 -after so many failed attempts, why didn't I just stick to it the first time?
and - getting past day 10 seems to have been the turning point
and - I keep forgetting to have my shakes because I'm never hungry,

now I'm motivated again. I remember saying these exact things when I've sucessfully stuck to it, there is no reason I can't do it again, and if I do, never have to do it again!

So I'm off now for an early night to wake up tommorow all inspired!

Trisha - would love a buddy, people do re-start and make it so we will help each other do the same!
Flowey, Trisha how you doing? Keep going, don't undo your great efforts! Don't give in to the temptation/voice in your head to go off plan! Fight it! You can do it!
Thankyou Kira, please watch for me and if I falter you can give me a good talking to anytime, your doing so well, I'm chase you.... lol

How are you doing today Trisha? Hope your sticking to it!

Well day 4 for me today, and its been so much easier. I've kept busy which has really helped and had my last shake this eve.

I'm really motivated today, such a change from yesturday. I wish you could see the future. If anyone reading is struggling, please stick to it as tomorrow can be so different. Am glad I pulled myself through and I'm glad I'm writing a thread to remind myself if I do get through the hard times, there are easier days!

Please, if anyone wants to add to this thread, good and bad times, you'd all be very welcome. I'm sure we will all go through the same things and can help each other.


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hi flowey, well had a good day today and managed to stay 100% lucky you day 4!!! you have done really well, off to bed now so I can start day 2
Stick with it Trisha, don't let your brain and cravings let you down!!

Feeling ok at the mo. drinking lots of black coffee to get through the morning and got a big day in the garden planned (tydy before the snow comes!) so hope will keep busy. Hope this ok feeling lasts, will be back to update later.........good luck all
Hey flowey, great going on your restart...what's today? Day 5? From here on in I find it becomes a lot easier...

Since my restart post holiday and post illness I've found chinese tea a great help! I buy loose leaf tea and use and infuser mug thing and I swear I'm loosing loads more weight since I started drinking it instead of my usual coffee when at work (and at home). Jasmine infused green tea is my favourite although not sure if this is contraband - seems to really help! I ahve wondered if all the caffiene I was drinking before made me feel worse?

Enjoy your big day in the garden! Reward yourself with a long soak in the tub after - dead sea salts are very good for detoxifying the body and also help with skin and aches and pains! Gad I sound like a salesperson... best of luck xxx


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hi flowey
well day 2 and so far been okay had a little taste of tuna but thats all, been out walking most of today, I mainly drink decaf black coffee or weak black tea

contrarytinagel where do you buy the chinese tea from? might give it a try
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Sounds good but being in France means internet shopping with a huge price for postage!
I like green tea though and am cutting back on the coffee, its a must in the morning to get me started.
Well the garden absolutely wore me out. I can certainly tell I'm on less cals. and hit a brick wall just in time to put 3 kids to bed. Pushed and pushed with a smile on my face and I'm now on couch and not moving 'til bedtime!
Found diet hard today just because I didn't have the energy reserves and my body really did need to be dragged along. Am glad its over and hope tomorow is easier. Just keep focussed on the UK shopping and the party!

How is all this eve?
How are you doing today?? Hope you are still as determined and going for it.

If you need support come post in 100% butterflies thread, we post there all the time to help each other, I need the posting it keeps my mind focused and in the game, if you know what I mean.

take care and good luck
Witchy, thanks for the post. Yes did fall off for a few days! Back on day 1 again today which has been ok. Seem to falter after a good week 1, not sure why. Its all will power and I just seem to loose it???

Thankyou for the post and doing today when I've come for a bit of an inspirational browse. I actually said I would browse and not post so that I didn't show my shamefull face! Just feel I let me and others down and wish if I start something I could finish it. Hey ho, I replied and I'm back on 100% ss, so I guess thats a start for now.
Aw never hide when you have bad days, we all have them, and you never let people down or yourself, its a hard journey we are on, so every day you succeed be thankful and finally you realise you have made it, you will do it. xxx


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hi flowey and witchy, well day 3 for me and so far ok, but like you flowey I can get to a week and then fall off the wagon, so I'm just taking it a day at a time,the thing is never to give up,

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