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Starting Back on ss tomorrow :)

Hiya Everyone,
I am starting back on cd tomorrow on ss.
I have at to stop doing cd for a week on medical advise as i was involed in a car accident and due to strong medication had to stop cd.
I am a bit worried about getting back to it incase i cant stick with it 100%,i struggled when i had to go up to 810 for a week.
my first grandchild is due this friday and want to get fit so i have pleanty of energy and feel better in myself.
if you have any advise for me please let me no.
maria xx
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Good luck - stay focused and keep posting (and reading) here for support! :p


Stubborn tortoise
You CAN do it... and maybe the way is to stick with 810 for a while longer? It is hard factoring in food again, but that's where the real challenge is for most of us. I have just done a month of 810 as was working away alot in Feb. I struggled a bit at first and tended to 'guess' a lot and realised I was cheating without meaning to. Wasn't losing weight, but did stay the same. Then decided to pull things back together and be strict and focused, and lost 5lbs... yay! I think my body just took a while to adjust, but now rather than step down to SS I am going to do SS+ for a while and see how I go keeping food in the frame...
What I'm trying to say is stick with it, you can do this, & don't be too hard on yourself. You're heading for SUCH an exciting time and you will be fab!!! Hope you are feeling much better after the accident... take the doc's advice and get yourself better, but as Slim has said, keep posting here as we're all rooting for you.

Glad you are ok after your car crash. Congratulations on your grandchild.

As for staying motivated these things help me (you prob done them all before tho):
* Join one of the CD teams for bit extra support & motivation
* Put a photo of you on the fridge or kitchen cupboard of a photo you hate at your largest or one of you at your target wait. This is a deterent not to eat anything from the kitcvhen cupboard or fridge!
* Set up little treats for each milestone you reach. (mine are every stone i lose i have a treat, pampering session, new book / cd/ make up etc, nails done, facial, new bag, cinema trip,) etc etc

Good luck, You can do it


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Just wanted to say congrats on the Grandchild, glad you're ok after the accident & good luck with your Cambridge journey. (oooh what i lot to say all in one sentence! lol)
Thank you all so very much for your surport, yesterday went well had 4 liters of water porridge mint chocolate, chocolate orange drinks so far today i have had my porridge, bar,2 liters of water hope you are all doing well this week too.
bye for now
maria x x x
Hi auntie Maria
Hope u are doing ok today, I have decided to try calorie counting for a bit to see if i can cut down on everything before i jump straight into the cd. if it works then i might come with u next time to meet your counsellor. Glad to know you are ok after your accident.
Good luck and keep up the good work
See you soon
Manda x


Addicted to Minimins!
Hey Maria - glad to hear you had a good day yesterday. *hugs*


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
It does get easier. I always find week 3 hard, but once I'm past that, I'm away..... Hope its the same this time. Keep up the good work everyone, and we will soon be happy in our new clothes and feeling great xxxx
good luck with your weight loss, you know you can do it
love aunty maria xxx

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